Is swimming racist?

Check out this headline from the Grauniad

is swimming racist

There's going to be a reason only "wi peepo" are in a pool right?  Racists not letting black people in and all that?

The Grauniad being The Grauniad... But no, despite the race-baiting headline The Grauniad have surprised me twice this year as it turns out the narrative doesn't fit the headline.

Read the article for yourself and you'll see.

Basically, it says that filmmaker Ed Accura (who he?) who the article is about only learned to swin aged 53 because he had aquaphobia.  Not only that, he had BL-AQUAPHOBIA, which is genius... (Unless you're a white guy saying it then you're probably racist).  He says that black people suffer from aquaphobia more than white people do and that's why they don't learn to swim.

It goes on to say that black people themselves use excuses not to go swimming like, "if it’s not your period, it’s your hair, if it’s not your hair it’s your gut, if it’s not your gut it’s your stretch marks, if it’s not your stretch marks, it’s something else – there’s always a but"

BUT aren't those excuses ANYONE can use, regardless of race, colour or gender (Maybe not the period bit, unless you're the mentally ill Jessica Yaniv).

yaniv 2

So, the reason why black people aren't going swimming is because they're full of excuses for not going swimming.  And that's the reason it's "so white", as he puts it.

Headline a little misleading?  You bet.


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