A brief introduction to hospitals

For those who don't know, this is part of a hospital:

bradford royal 1

You may be surprised to learn that it's not just on one level - nor is it just one big ward.

Here you can see what's called a "corridor" which leads off to other "wards" or "rooms that people go in":

bradford royal 2

It's amazing, isn't it?

Oh, you knew all this already and you're wondering why I'm being so patronising?

Well, let me tell you why.

There seems to be a type of person out there who thinks that admissions of people with COVID (dirty unvaccinated or the stunning & brave vaccinated) into hospital will take doctors and nurses away from other areas, like the hospital is just one big ward of sick people.

If you've ever visited a hospital, you'll maybe have had to go to a ward for a specific purpose.  For example, you may be surprised to hear that people who have problems with their waterworks go to a part of the hospital known as "Urology".  There's also specialist areas for people with Cancer called "Oncology".  You might have had to visit A&E when that thing you shoved up your bum got stuck.  Embarrassing that, wasn't it?

So, we've learned there are different parts to a hospital.  Now, the men and women who treat these sick folk (the A&E bum thing is a different kind of "sick") are called Doctors and Nurses.  And these people tend to specialise in particular areas.

You see, when a "Doctor" graduates he (or she) chooses a "Speciality", and this "Speciality" is where he (or she) then spends the next however many years treating folk who fall into this "Speciality".

So, when a few people pitch up in A&E with COVID, OR which is the MORE likely, acquire it IN the hospital they were ALREADY IN, they may get moved to a different ward.

The Doctor treating that patient doesn't then move to that ward to continue treating said patient, there's already staff manning (or womanning) that ward in the first place.

So when we see Tweets like this by Mike (it's always the FBPE crowd as well) it makes you wonder just what goes on in their heads.

icu selfish

I mean, there's the whole "selfish" thing again.  Selfish people filling up ICU beds.

Who are these selfish people?  Oh, I think he's referring to those who have made a choice to NOT take a drug where the long term effects are unknown. It's their choice, Mike, not yours.

But I digress.

Mike seems to think that the reason hospitals are cancelling surgeries to remove things like tumours, cancer and the like is because there are people with COVID in ICU.

A surgeon isn't going to be treating a COVID patient in ICU - these people aren't interchangeable - it's not fucking "Sim Hospital" you know.

Can we just get some perspective?  Yes, lots of surgeries have been cancelled, most of them shouldn't but it's not because staff were moved to other wards, it just doesn't work like that.

Granted, some staff are interchangeable, your auxiliary nurses for example that don't have a speciality, but they're not doing the surgery either.

Come on, it's not that difficult to understand, just stop listening to the TV and news - It's not like Casualty and Holby City you know.