Are you a virologist?

One thing I've noticed all the way through this "pandemic" is that people don't like other people questioning what's going on.

It's like the general public will blindly defend anything that comes out of the mouth of so-called scientists, even when they have been wrong time after time after time.

I've always regarded myself as someone who thinks logically, maybe a little suspicious at times, but I can honestly say that I'm hardly ever wrong when I'm onto something.

I'm like a dog with a bone when I think there's something not quite right.

So many times on social media I've questioned something about COVID or restrictions that didn't sound right - it didn't add up, you might say.

And so many times I've been asked, "ARE YOU A VIROLOGIST?"

Well no, I'm not, my response is usually "ARE YOU?" - They don't like that.

See, it seems you're not entitled to an opinion or to question something that's not your field of expertise, which is just a bit weird if you ask me.

I mean, I'm not a formula one racing driver, but I can drive a car quite adequately.  I don't need to be part of the McLaren Pit Crew to be able to fill my car with petrol at the local Esso garage.

It's like Boris Johnson going on TV and saying 2 + 2 equals 5.

I'd be like

wtf face

and then I'd be questioning it.  No it isn't, 2 + 2 equals 4.

You wouldn't expect someone to then ask, "ARE YOU AN ACCOUNTANT?!  DO YOU HAVE A PHD IN MATHEMATICS?!!"

Well, no I don't, but then I have several means to back my claim up - At the very least I could count on my fingers.

So why do you have to be an expert in the field of where your questions lie?  Is it the downright conditioning that we've all received over the last (almost) 2 years?

The constant fear that if you contract COVID then you'll die and you'll pass it on to everyone else and they'll all die?

Being constantly told exaggerated claims by scientists?

Literally believing EVERYTHING you're told on the COVID updates, yet somehow not believing ANYTHING else Boris and his cronies tell you.

So many people are guilty of this, if you try and change their mind then you're a conspiracy theorist or a crank.  I'm neither of those things, I just have a brain that works logically, if I'm told something that doesn't sound right I'm going to question it - why aren't you?

I've got friends who are so lost in the cult of COVID, the Branch Covidians I'll call them, that they just can't think for themselves anymore.  It's sad to see, these are intellectual people who have had 2 years of fear porn rammed down their throats that they're desperate tell the world how they're saving humanity by having their 15th booster or how there's not enough people wearing masks, even outside.

I have a close friend and colleague who has a degree in molecular biology.  As a result I have an actual go-to person I can ask about viruses and things.  I don't need to Google and hope the right sites come up, I have someone who has studied this shit.  So, I am pretty clued up on the basics of how viruses work, how and why they mutate etc.  Do I need to be a virologist to understand that?  No, do I hell.

It's like critiquing a film and then being asked if you worked in the film industry, as though only people who do are allowed to offer reviews.  

Come on people, it's time to start using your brains, stop believing everything you're told on biased updates and start to think logically; if it doesn't sound right then it probably isn't.