On the 23rd of June voters will be able to decide whether Britain remains in the EU.
As you would expect there are arguments for both sides, similar to when Scotland had a referendum on independence.
And similarly to that referendum there is a lot of scaremongering going on to get people voting against leaving the union.
Clearly, it's a very difficult decision to make and it's a very complex situation to try and understand.
The Prime Minister, David Cameron is urging us all to vote "No" in what has been dubbed "Brexit" (an amalgamation of the words "Britain" and "Exit") but if the Prick-faced Pig Fucker (an amalgamation of David Cameron, Prime Minister) really wants us to stay in the EU why bother giving us the vote at all?
Shouldn't the difficult decisions for the country be made by politicans who supposedly know what they're doing, as opposed to a nation of retards who believe everything they see on Facebook?
And do you really think that come the 24th June when the votes are counted that if the nation has chosen in favour of the Brexit Hole that the decision will stand?  Absolutely not.  There will be a sudden anomaly crop up which will reveal some kind of vote rigging and therefore the count will be null and void, never to be repeated and therefore we stay in the EU.
Of course, if we choose to stay then happy days, DavCam triumphs etc.
It's a win-win for him.
The scaremongering is already hitting fever pitch.  One of my kids came home from school the other day saying they'd been having a debate about it in assembly.
The school telling the pupils that if we left the EU then the price of everything would go up, that MORE immigrants would enter the country and that we'd no longer be able to trade within Europe adds to the lies that are being spewed from City Hall.
Let's debunk the prices and ability to trade myths.  Britain has signed a deal in order to trade with other countries within Europe, this deal protects Britain regardless of whether the country is in the EU or not.  There is also the ability to extend this protection when the deal runs out.
The figures also quoted about whether the country will be worse off are usually suffixed with "by 2030".  By 2030?
Who gives a shit about 2030? It's 2016 and an awful lot is going to happen in next 14 years.
With regards to the immigrants claims, we would not be under any EU obligation to take immigrants or asylum seekers - the rates would be set by our own government.
We would have to improve security of the borders, something we should be doing anyway given the terrorist attacks on Europe.
There's no question being in the EU has benefits as well as disadvantages.  The EU is unelected and pushes laws onto all countries with it, regardless of it's suitability.  
I'm all for political debate about the Brexit, I'm not pushing ANY side here but what I do object to is the scaremongering to try and get everyone to vote NO.
Tell everyone FACTS, let them make up their own mind then, and only then, choose to ignore them if the decision doesn't suit.
It's what Robert Mugabe does - and he'll never be good enough to play for Accrington Stanley.
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