Pfizer - Heroes or Villains?

Remember at the start of the pandemic there was a clamouring to get a vaccine made that would get us "out of this mess"?

It was something we were hoping for quickly, but most of us knew that it takes time to deliver an effective vaccine against a new virus and it also takes time for them to be approved.

But at the same time, there as talk about treatments too for those unlucky enough to give what we were told was a killer virus.

Step forward Ivermectin, a drug the majority of us know nothing about.  A drug that was mentioned by Donald Trump and because it was mentioned by Trump it was ridiculed and dismissed right away.

"Haha what a fool he is!  It's a horse worming paste!  Don't listen to Trump!" was the typical response.

But what nobody seems to have considered is, where did Trump get it from?  He didn't just make it up, one of his advisors must have told him about it.

Social media was awash with people dismissing it, even though there were suggestions from credible people that if you use that thing called Google, you'll see that it takes many forms and IS used in humans.  In particular it is an anti-parasitic drug and is used in the treatment of Malaria.

During July 31st and September 11th 2020 trials were held at the Clínica Universidad de Navarra where non-severe COVID patients were given Ivermectin.  The report shows that is WAS beneficial in the TREATMENT of COVID.

The trial showed that patients recovered faster and generally had a very low level of infection after day 4.

Yet, all the way through 2020 it was thoroughly discredited, by underhand tactics from companies like Pfizer and Merck.

Why was that?

Was it because Merck's patent on the drug had expired and had that been the solution to the problem then Pfizer, Merck and Big Pharma (tm) would have stood to make very little money compared to a new brand vaccine?

hong kong phooey could be

See, Pfizer and Co REALLY care about you!

And somehow Pfizer and Astra Zeneca came up with a vaccine in record time.  It's almost like they knew what to do and had it ready to go.

As an aside, if you're a bit of a suspicious cunt like me watch the Panorama episode from early 2021 about Astra Zeneca / Oxford vaccine.  It's quite eye opening!

Anyway, I digress.

Ivermectin was used in India during the Delta wave to great success.

Chile gives out "COVID Packs" to citizens with treatments in.  What's in it?  Correct, Ivermectin amongst other things such as Vitamin C, D and Zinc.

Throughout 2020 there were trials for vaccines, not just from Pfizer and Astra Zeneca but also Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and a little known firm called Novavax.

The J&J drug seemed promising at first, it looked like it was a one-off for life but it remained ineffective and was duly binned.

Pfizer and AZ led the way with a new technology called mRNA, a technology that was so far unproven - it's never been used before.

Pfizer's drug was the first to be given emergency approval, cue their CEO making such bold claims as The Pfizer vaccine will 100% prevent hospitalisation AND transmission.

On the 1st April 2021 he claimed that:

"Excited to share that updated analysis from our Phase 3 study with BioNTech also showed that our COVID-19 vaccine was 100% effective in preventing #COVID19 cases in South Africa. 100%!"

As time went on, Bourla made claims about the efficacy stating a second dose would be required... and then the booster.

Some of the claims underwent "Fact Checking" on Reuters, which always found the Bourla's favour.

Why is that?

Could it be that Bourla was on the Reuters board?

hong kong phooey could be


So what of lowly little Novavax then?

I personally kept tabs on this drug for 2 reasons: 1 - The Toast's very own undercover operative Ankh was on the trial and 2 - I bought shares in it and made a few quid!

It seemed like the better option for a vaccine in all honesty.  As more and more jabs were rolled out, there were more and more side effects reported.  Twelve months ago I made light of the side effects, the news told us that the number of blood clots had not changed year on year therefore they couldn't have been caused by the vaccines.  I now firmly believe I was wrong.

As an aside, again - How often did you genuinely hear about Myocarditis before the vaccines were rolled out?  I thought Myocarditis was some thing to do with someone stealing your knitwear.

It is something that needs investigating.  But anyway... again, I digress.

Back to Novavax.

Their trials rumbled on, it seemed safe and effective.  Nobody grew a 2nd head or could pick up Radio Caroline via their arm.  All seemed good.

Yet for some reason approval wasn't forthcoming.  Every time there was good news the share price tumbled (and also where I bought back in :))

How can this be?  How can good news about a potential life saving drug be interpreted as bad news?

Could there be underhand tactics, dissing the product from a company much bigger and with more to gain?

I couldn't possibly comment.

The Novavax vaccine is also a more traditional vaccine in that it's a standard protein base, there's no mRNA here, m'lud.

This makes it more attractive to those people who are more choosy about their bodily autonomy or "Anti-Vaxxers" to some.

Strange isn't it that a label can be applied to people who question a drug that IS clearly still an experiment.  I'm doing this right now, am I an Anti-Vaxxer, despite having had 2 jabs?

So where do we stand with Pfizer?  A company who since the year 2000 has paid out IN EXCESS of $10bn in FINES.


Do I think they have misled the public?  Yes I do.

Do I think they have lied?  Yes I do.

Do they think they have lied or misled? Of course not.

So why then did they put a 75 year seal on the vaccine safety data if they had nothing to hide?  In 75 years we'll all be dead, we won't get to see that data.  If their vaccine is so great why can't we see it now?

Why is the FDA in the US helping them to hide all this?  Isn't the FDA supposed to be on the side of the public and their health be paramount?

No, see, this is America.  The land of the free.  If you're a rich, white man.

Oh, and if you REALLY want to see how corrupt and one-sided the FDA are when it comes to Big Pharma watch the absolutely excellent "Dopesick", it's a real eye opener.

Where were we?

Oh yes.

Pfizer being a bunch of little monkeys.

They've since been ordered to release 55,000 pages a MONTH.  They're not getting away with this 75 year malarky, no sir.

Just last week in India, Pfizer were told that for their drug to be given emergency authorisation then it MUST undergo independent scientific analysis in a lab.  Pfizer said no and started to step back.

4 days ago Indian experts said they did not support the vaccine due to significant investigations into side effects in other countries, did Pfizer try to change their mind by providing scientific data that it was safe?

No, they pulled out the market.

So, crunch time then.

Pfizer - Heroes or Villains?

I think you'll find they're a bunch of Pfuckers.