Tata, steel.

Tata Steel. More like goodbye steel.
More like Tata, Steel.
So it looks like Britain is to lose yet another industry and this time due to external factors. 
Who really thought selling the entire British Steel industry to a foreign firm was going to be a good idea?  
When Tata bought the failing Corus group in 2006 it clearly wasn’t to make a go of it and bring the good times back to the steel industry of Britain, it was like many a takeover, to asset strip and eventually close it down. 
Now, if this was just any old company I’d be inclined to say “Hey, we live in a capitalist world, it’s business, shit happens” and I’d be right.  I’ve been there and no matter how much I disliked what happened to me or the way the company went about making the decisions I’d say that it was probably the right thing to do, eventually. 
However, this isn’t just any old company, this is an entire industry for an entire nation, and you shouldn’t be allowed to fuck around with that. 
British Steel came about from a group of private companies being nationalised in the 60’s by Harold Wilson’s government.  It should have stayed that way, however, in 1988 it was privatised once again and eventually merged with a Dutch firm to form Corus in 1999. 
It was all downhill from there. 
The steel industry is something very much in demand in the UK, it is needed for construction and for things like High Speed 2 (Which isn’t a dodgy film starring Sandra Bullock) or Gloucester Tower.  
How can a country’s entire steel industry be so badly handled?  And how is it that nobody in power seems to care about it? 
This isn’t some dodgy coffee shop that wouldn’t make much of a difference to society if it went under, there’s a million and one more to turn to, more than likely next door to it. 
I’ve always been of the opinion that core industries and utilities should be nationalised, run not-for-profit by the government.  After all salaries have been paid, excess money should be reinvested to continuously improve goods or services and ensure the industry is living in the correct century, which would be a good start. 
Have a look at what we have and how badly they’ve been managed over the years: 
British Telecom – Sold off in the 80’s, this is a company firmly all about the money with no interest in investments.  It took them so long to implement broadband that people in less advanced countries had faster downloads than we did and still do.  Not content with rolling out standard technology they developed their own standards, which were and are inferior to other countries. 
British Gas – If you see Sid, tell him he’s a twat.  Another one sold off in the 80’s.  British Gas are another badly run company, hoarding billions of pounds and maintaining high prices even when energy prices should be on their arse. 
Electricity – All the local electricity boards are now private companies along with some smaller suppliers.  You pay one company for your electric but it’s still a regional firm that own the infrastructure and actually supply the electric.  Got a problem you need resolving?  Good luck with that, your regional firm will blame your supplier and vice versa.  I’ve had first-hand experience of this on several occasions. 
Water – This is the biggest monopoly going!  Only United Utilities can provide you with water.  So they can charge what they like and you’ll have to jolly well like it, sunshine.  My water bill is around £200 more expensive per year than it was 5 years ago with LESS usage, how can that be?  Because some boss somewhere will be taking a massive bonus that the rest of us are paying for. 
I don’t even want to start on the trains.  Nobody has been able to run the trains since, well, forever.  If only there were other countries who ran trains reliably, cost effectively and with customer satisfaction higher than a snakes arse. 
It’s not like France, Germany, Sweden and Denmark are that far away that we couldn’t send some people over to have a look and maybe copy what they’re doing is it?  It’s not like it’s a secret. 
So, is it all about money?  Could Britain not run a whole bunch of industries and utilities without needing it to be money oriented? Clearly it’s too late for that now, it would be impossible to re-nationalise everything. 
If we’re to lose the steel industry as well then Britain needs to act quickly and confront Mr China who is part of the problem with steel prices.  We need to say right now, “Listen Mr Han Man, the price we’re paying for steel now is going to be the same price for the next 10 years, OK?” 
You might think I’m anti-capitalist?  You couldn’t be further from the truth.  I’m all for business, justice, truth and the planet earth.  However, what I do object to is core industries and utilities that the country rely on being mismanaged to the point of failure.  The country should be doing its best for the people, not stinging them.  Utilities are a key one, we can’t live without them so we have to pay but we all know we’re being ripped off.  It shouldn’t be happening. 
People in charge of these companies should have prior experience of the industries they’re in.  Who puts a former social worker in charge of an energy company, for example?  
Just wait until Monkey on Toast Land is built, it’ll be a veritable utopia, all will be welcome. 
Except whoppers, chavs and MP’s, of course. 
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