Police, huh, what are they good for?

There is a growing resentment in this country to the Police and their priorities, tactics and value for money from the tax payer. 
There was once a time when the Police had balls.  You feared them, not in a Saddam Hussein era Iraqi Police way but you knew they were there and like your local Spar shop – there for YOU. 
This hasn’t been the case for some time. 
These days the priorities seem to be quick wins such as speeding motorists and anything that can be solved with a fixed penalty notice.  Anything that brings in a bit of revenue, eh? 
After the terrorist attack on Belgium a couple of weeks ago a man took to Twitter to state that he’d asked a Muslim lady in Croydon to “explain Brussels”.  
Instead of saying “It’s a shit hole in Belgium” as I would have, she denied knowing anything about it, in a “mealy mouthed” way.  Whatever that means. 
Of course she wouldn’t know anything about it, a select few would have and they more than likely would have been in France or Belgium.  
No self-respecting terrorist goes to Croydon. 
Anyway, confronting someone in the street to explain why some terrorists have blown up a city in another country is one thing, taking to Twitter to tell his followers is another. 
Saying things like that on Twitter in jest is acceptable in my book, saying it in all seriousness is pure bell-endery and he was justifiably mocked. 
However, a couple of days later he was arrested by the Police for it. 
Now this ups the bell-endery stakes somewhat.  Apart from being a bit of a gimp what law has this bloke broken?  None at all. 
But because it upset a few people on social media which as we all know is The New World, where Police time is wasted on people saying stupid shit. 
But it puts into perspective where the Police priorities lie these days.  We’re told their budgets are forever being cut, there’s less coppers out on the street but plenty seem to be available when it comes to policing the internet. 
And there’s double standards too.  If the same Muslim lady took to Twitter to state “Just asked a man in the street to explain why Iraq was invaded in 2003.  Fuck off was the mealy mouthed reply” then the chances are the bloke who told the woman to do one would have been arrested rather than her. 
Look at the number of UK based Twitter-twats who applauded the Belgian terrorist attacked, did they end up arrested?  Did they fuck.  A few retweets and the odd bloke @’ing in the Met was as far as it got. 
It’s time the Police got back to policing properly - being out on patrol,  stopping burglaries, muggings and kicking shithead kids head's in. 
In fact, maybe we should have a Saddam Hussein style Police force rather than the Police popularity service we have now. 
We gives me a fantastic idea… 

Welcome to Police Academy!  Where the general public vote for who the Police should go and arrest!

Police Academy
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