Woke software development

I was alerted to an article that was written by an software architect, along the lines of "Is your code inclusive?"

I was taken aback at first, as software development didn't seem like a particularly offensive area.

But apparently woke lefties think it is.

The said article suggested that if some words or phrases could have a different meaning then it might restrict who will participate in discussions or doing code reviews etc.

Which sounds like absolute horseshit to me.

Speaking as someone who has worked his entire life in IT then I really don't see any areas of concern.

But of course the younger generation, especially those who are frightened by their own doorbell and shadows think differently.

What this snowflake has done is write a script that will go through your code and pull out certain words and phrases which THEY (or he/him :)) MIGHT find offensive or troublesome.

He's even called it a "woke tool", which pretty much sums him up too.


So here's a list of words that could be offensive to people who get offended at code:


"sanity" -  As in "Let's do a sanity check".  Apparently it's insensitive.  No it isn't.  He wants to use "quick check" instead,


"dummy" - As in "Use this dummy data".  He wants to use "sample".


"man hours" - Like, "It'll take 3 man hours to code that".  That's grossly offensive and should be replaced with "person hours".


I mean.. what?  Honestly, I don't have an issue with the first 2, but I'd argue there's a difference between a "quick check" and a "sanity check".  I'd be keeping the latter.

Dummy data, yeah, you can use "sample" or "mock" or "test"... Whatever, but who is actually getting offended at "dummy data"?


Then there's people having a moan about "master" and "slave" devices, not that we have them these days with SATA and all but in the old days you needed to tell the computer which was the primary and secondary drives...  apparently that's troublesome language now, even though you'd be hard pushed to find its use in everyday use.

People just need to get a grip and live their lives instead of finding things to get offended by and then campaigning to get them removed.  If they were troublesome enough it wouldn't need some incel to kickstart a campaign, there would already be one.