Have you lived your best life?

You've all heard the phrase "Living your best life" haven't you?

What does it mean?  Well, I guess it's living a care-free life, on your own terms and the way you want it.

But what if we've already lived our best lives and there's worse to come?


Hear me out, it might sound a bit "Conspiracy!" or Tin Hattish but stick with me here and make a judgement at the end.  There's no right or wrong by the way, believe what you will.


Nobody can argue that we've seemed to lurch from crisis to crisis over the last few years, there's more and more evidence suggesting these crisis' didn't just happen too.  But let's gloss over that for now.

Let's focus on the future, will we live our best lives next week, next month, next year or will things get worse?


People are struggling now with the "Cost of living crisis" (man loves a crisis) - food has increased in same cases by 50-60%, energy prices are so high that some people are having to decide whether to "Heat or Eat".

The UK in particular is really bad for energy prices, when the cost of gas has dropped to BELOW what it was BEFORE the "war" in Ukraine started yet our prices are still the highest they've ever been.  The UK is being ripped off constantly and the standard of living absolutely does not match what we pay for it.

Do you feel like the Government is doing ANYTHING about it at all?  There is absolutely nothing being done to help, that £400 you're getting towards your energy will end up being paid back at some point.

And why should they be giving us "free" money anyway, surely the actions they SHOULD be taking is to lean on the greedy conglomerates to reduce the prices given we can find the current price of gas etc at will?  Constantly getting the Government to hand over more money for things is the slippy slope to socialism / communism.


So, let's look at a few reasons why life may never be the same again unless WE do something about it.


15 Minute Cities

These sound, well, OK in principle but when you consider the wider concept it's a truly awful idea.  We'll cover this next time in much more detail.


Food Shortages

Along with the massive price hikes in food have you noticed less choice of late?  Especially in the frozen food part of supermarkets.

I've seen the veg aisle in some cases with next to nothing available which has led me to go to other places like market stalls who always seem to be well stocked.

Tie that in with the number of food processing plants, major egg mass producers and farms over the last 12 months which have mysteriously set on fire; yet look at the amount of farmland that's being bought up by Bill Gates.  Very suspicious.


Digital Currencies

Cash is king, right?  But most of us use cards because it's clearly much more convenient.  Cash will eventually be replaced by what's known as a CBDC or Central Bank Digital Currency.

That ties in very nicely with a social credit score  where access to your own money will be restricted if you don't behave yourself.  And with the whole climate scam you can bet your non-binary genitals that shit like a Carbon quota will be added to that.  Drove too far last week?  Sorry mate, your account's frozen.



Healthcare has taken a back seat, ironically, both during and after the "pandemic".  Just what is going on?  The NHS is receiving a RECORD amount of money but still you can't get a GP's appointment and surgery is delayed by months if not years.  The amount of people I've heard saying they've been put on emergency lists is mad, especially when they're told the surgery may still be NEXT year!  Some emergency.

I truly fear the end of free at point of service healthcare is upon us.  I'll happily go private if they're prepared to stop taking my National Insurance.


Free speech and demonstration

Free speech is a human right.  We should be able to say whatever we want, within reason of course, without recourse.  Shouldn't we also be free to demonstrate or protest at things that we don't agree with?  Those rights are being removed from us with bills going through parliament.  


The end of Democracy

Already feels like we've reached this point doesn't it?  Where a Prime Minister can be overthrown at the drop of a hat and another unelected arsehole just takes over more dry bumming of the country and you.  But it will get worse, and this is another subject we'll tackle separately.



I know, I know... you think I've gone full conspiracy, and I really haven't.  If you'd have told me this stuff 3 years ago I'd have scoffed at it and put you in a mental home.  But if you look at how things have changed not only during but post Covid and the sheer inability for the Government to actually govern it feels like they've given up because they're not going to fight the overall agenda...

I'm sure you've heard of "The Great Reset", it's essentially a plan for our lives to be, well, controlled by people who will decide how we'll live - even though they're unelected.  It's not a conspiracy, it's a real thing, there's even a book about it by the head of the WEF.

This reset is supposed to be upon us on or by 2030 but it feels like it's being accelerated much faster...