15 Minute Cities

The cabal is planning for us to live in 15 minute cities, maybe you've heard of this?

As a way of trying to sweeten the deal to us plebs they're also known as LTN's or "Low Traffic Neighbourhoods".

Cyclists appear to love the idea whereas normal people aren't so keen.

However, there are always some people who will buy in to it.

On the face of it, having everything within 15 minutes of where you live sounds alright doesn't it?

You'll not need to travel anywhere for anything.

But what if you need or want to visit family? Or god forbid actually go to the office?

Or, well, anywhere else really?


Oxford were the first council to officially announce the idea.

15 minute city

The concept is to divide the city into zones or cells as they've also been known.  It's being sold as a way to reduce traffic going through Oxford city centre itself.

Sounds a good idea?  Well, until you realise that if you want to get to the next zone (or cell) because that's where your dear old Mother lives, you'll need to drive all the way to the ring road and back in again.

That 15 minute journey is now and hour.  How is that reducing pollution?  It's not.

As I said, cyclists love the idea and I've had discussions with them on Twitter about it.

I say discussions but it was more them asking for evidence these things exist and me pointing at said articles only to be told it's not real.

OK weirdo.

The concept that everything you'll need is within 15 minutes is all well and good until a) everything you need isn't within 15 minutes and b) you can't afford everything you need within your 15 minute cell.

I mean, are they going to setup more shops that caters for people?  Of course not.  It's actually going to destroy shops that are no longer accessible.

As you can see from the article above, people will be fined for leaving the area.  They have to obtain a permit to leave the area first.


Cambridge are also adopting this concept and it's coming to more cities across the country, you can guarantee your towns will too.


Let's just break it down here.

I live in a smallish town, population circa 30K.  It has a decent sized Morrisons where you could probably do your weekly shop.  It's also got a small Asda and Tesco where you definitely couldn't or wouldn't want to do your weekly shop.  Throw in your little corner store Tesco, Spar etc you get the picture.

I can access those stores within 15 minutes, easy.

But what if I don't want to shop at Morrisons because it's expensive?  I want to go to the next town on, which I do, as the Asda there is much bigger.  Can I get there in 15 minutes?  According to Google Maps yes, just.

But what if Asda doesn't have what I need?  And I need to go elsewhere?  You're telling me I can't.

For what reason?  Oh, climate change, again?

Let's not just consider the availability of products in the supermarkets either and focus on quality. (Never mind the quality, feel the width)

I don't buy supermarket meat as it's, well, shit.  I might buy chicken and sometimes mince, but if I want a decent joint of beef or a bit of lamb I'm going to the butchers.

Now, I'm lucky, I have 4 butchers to choose from and they're all in town.  But what if I didn't?

What if I just fancied going somewhere else?  Say for example, I fancy a trip to somewhere nice like York.

I go there a few times a year as the outdoor market sells the BEST pork pies you'll ever but in your pork pie hole.  The butchers that sells them also sells incredibly good meat.

They're like the Mr Kipling of beef joints, if you like.

Would I be allowed to use my freedom to head to York for my fave pies and meat?  Well, maybe if I get a permit in advance.  At cost.

You see, these 15 minute cities (and towns) are setting people up to fail.  They're deliberately removing people's choice and actual freedom of movement.

Who has fuck has decreed I can't go to the nearest city to have a day of shopping, getting quality produce from the markets and an amble about?  Which total fuckwit authoritarian bastard has decided this?

Absolute cunts, that's who.

Why should I, you or your mum (how is your mum btw?) have to beg and plead to be allowed to leave the area in which we live just to get cheaper food, or to just have a day out, going about our business without poking our snouts into anyone else's?


There does seem to be quite a bit of pushback from these ideas, and I hope people continue to resist.  It's not about climate change or pollution or any other guilt laden bollocks they want to lay at our door, it's quite simply an attack on freedom of movement and removing our choices.

If we don't resist, we'll be locked in our cells unable to get anywhere and then we'll realise we don't need cars anymore.  And we'll need to use a subpar public transport instead because that's the only way we'll be able to get about.

It's all in the plans...