The Lockdown Files

Journalist Isabel Oakeshott recently made the headlines by releasing what was termed as the "Lockdown Files" in a series of articles for The Telegraph.

Oakeshott was the ghostwriter for Matt "The Twat" Hancock's book "Pandemic Diaries" where he opens up on his experience as Health Secretary during the high times of COVID-19.

Strangely, there's no mention in the book about killing off old folk in care homes with Midazolam, we can only assume that comes out in his next book hopefully entitled, "The Prison Diaries".

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To the tune of Chuck Berry's "My ding-a-ling":

"Midazolam, Midazolam, I want you to take this Midazolam.

Midazolam, woah, Midazolam, I want you to take this Midazolam"

That's an earworm for the next month, you're welcome.


Anyway, enough about the cretinous, evil wanker that is Matt Handjob, back to Oakeshott.

So, she's friends with Matt the Twat and agreed to ghostwrite his book.  She signed an NDA and was duly given full access to Evil Matt's WhatsApp messages etc.


She's since broken that NDA and has released those conversations which features lots of juicy bits, including one message where Twatty Matty wanted to "deploy the new variant" and "Frighten the pants of [sic] everyone".

Now, I'm assuming the word "deploy" in this context isn't the Government actually releasing a new a virus on the country but putting the fact a new variant exists out into the public domain.

But the fact he wanted to "frighten the pants off" the country in order to comply with nonsensical measures over a year after the original virus hit the streets says it all.

I'll admit to being a little frightened of the virus in the early days, but that didn't last long when I saw silly things like videos of people literally (honest) dropping dead in the streets in China - why didn't that happen anywhere else?

All the misinformation such as the Bergamo image of coffins of supposed COVID deaths that was years old, all those things led me to question it quite early on.

I've written about this stuff so much over the last 3 years, I don't really want to keep harping back to it, so I won't.


However, it's clear the virus wasn't as bad as we were told.  Remember Chris Whitty saying it was rare and for most people it will be really mild if they got it?  Then suddenly a week or 2 later we were bombarded with fear?

People like Hancock knew this, yet they continued to lie, misinform and use guilt laden propaganda to get people to comply.

The conversations on WhatsApp are frankly disturbing, that senior Government ministers and our own Prime Minister would behave in such a way.

Should we really be surprised though?  This Tory Government is the worst since the previous one and the one before that.


So, back to Isabel.

Why did she wait until now to release these messages?  Did she have a sudden pang of conscience?  Did she wait until the book was done and she'd managed to collate all the messages and get it all together?

Granted, it takes time to put things like that together and newspapers will often sit on a story for months and then it may never get published.  For example, I am aware of a story that's been sat waiting with a redtop paper about a certain well known footballer for months.  I don't think it will ever come out... Don't ask, you'll not get :)


Whilst I think Isabel deserves some credit for going "balls deep" in this and releasing this information, one can't help but feel it's being used as a distraction to a mountain of other shit that's going on right now. It's hard not to feel sceptical when things like this come out, especially as The Telegraph were as bad as the other papers with the fear porn (with the exception of Alison Pearson).

Still, if it turns some COVID zealots to the other side it can only be a good thing....




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