If anyone can the McCanns can

It never ceases to amaze me how the McCanns, 9 years after their daughter going missing in very suspicious circumstances and the amount of evidence against them, seem to enjoy an almost blanket cover of support from the newspapers.

Why is this? 

Just what do the McCanns have over David Cameron, the Government and all the newspapers?

The Sun in particular, a newspaper famous for switching sides more than Nicolas Anelka never seem to waiver in their support for the gruesome twosome.

One of their latest articles calls people “trolls” for speaking out against them, changing the meaning of the word troll somewhat it seems.

And now, good old Kate has won an award.  It absolutely beggars belief.

It’s not quite “Mum of the Year” award, which would probably go a bit far and would be like giving Peter Sutcliffe the “Best murderer with a hammer” award.

There is a dearth of evidence to suggest the Maddie McCann case is not as straight forward as we’re all being told.

How could it be?

A child was taken from a room where there were 2 other children sleeping, seems very implausible that 1 child in particular was targeted and the other children heard absolutely nothing.

It just so happens that the other 2 kids were such heavy sleepers eh?  Hmmm.

The obstructive nature of the McCanns, their complete lack of emotion when their supposed beloved daughter went missing abroad, the misuse of MILLIONS of pounds of money they’ve been given by gullible well-wishers is staggering.

It’s time they were held accountable, the truth needs to be told – Just WHY are they getting so much support from the papers, papers which are so quick to crucify others.

Something isn’t right and everyone knows it. 

Who is protecting and why?  Both worked as GP's, how do a seemingly “normal” couple have so much power over the press and Government that protects them in such a disgusting way?

What do they know about David Cameron?  What do they know about the Government?  Just what do they know about the press?

There is a mass obstruction of justice taking place, there is decreasing public support for the McCanns year on year yet the media maintains a steady stance on believing Maddie was genuinely abducted by an invisible man who can walk through doors. 

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