Should we stay or should we go now?

So the EU Referendum is just a couple of weeks away now and David Cameron is getting more and more desperate with his Stay tactics.

Have you made up your mind yet? 

Will you be a Remainian?

Will you be an Exiteer?

One thing has struck me recently with this whole referendum thing.

Is David Cameron REALLY bothered if we vote to leave the EU?

I reason I say it is this – Given that he’s telling us how much of a catastrophe it will be if we vote to go, WHY is he giving the Great British public the opportunity to decide whether to fuck the country right up its arse?

It’s a bit like turkeys voting for Christmas, isn’t it?

If I was the Prime Minister and I genuinely believed or knew that voting to leave would completely kill the country I wouldn’t give the public who, let’s face it, are absolute muppets the opportunity to vote for the option to go.

Is he hoping that we’ll all call his bluff and vote to stay?

There’s a few things going on here, allow me to go with this:

  1. As I’ve said before, the votes could be rigged to ensure that STAY is the winning vote regardless of whether 99.9% of the country vote to LEAVE.
  2. David Cameron doesn’t believe leaving is as bad as he is telling us all it will be.
  3. Why would you put the most important decision ever for a country in the hands of ill-informed dickheads?  No, I don’t mean politicians, I mean Sandra the hairdresser from Stowmarket or Peter the plumber from Peterlee?
  4. A referendum should not be given unless the final decision poses no threat to the country.  Refusing a referendum is still democratic, the Government were elected to run the country on our behalf and if truly the best option was to stay in the EU then we should just be told how dangerous it would be to leave and that should be the end of it.
  5. David Cameron should be charged with neglect to the country IF the final choice damages the country in any way.  You don’t allow people to vote on something they probably don’t understand and hope your bluff is called.

Do I understand the INs and OUTs?  Not really.  I understand some of it.

Am I truly in a position to decide on the fate of a country?  Am I fuck.

And neither are you, if we’re honest about it.

However, think about what Dickhead Dave will have as his “legacy” when he’s gone, which probably won’t be too long, probably BEFORE the next general election.

He’ll be remembered as the Prime Minister who gave a country the chance to destroy itself instead of telling it to just behave and give its head a wobble.

Is that what he wants?  Unlikely.

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