The country is in stalemate.

The country is in stalemate.

It’s not often I sit on the fence but with regards Brexit I am firmly in the middle.

I can see the benefits of us staying and whether you agree or not there ARE benefits to us leaving the EU.

The country is in an absolute shambles as people fail to accept the choice of a majority.

I’ve actually heard people claim that the Brexit referendum goes against democracy and that the referendum must take place again, only when the result comes out IN FAVOUR of Remain then that is the result that should stand.

Sorry, what?

The definition of democracy is “control of an organization or group by the majority of its members”.

Let’s get this right, if you voted in a General Election for Labour and the Tories win the election do you campaign for a recount or a re-election until Labour get in?

If 99% of the country voted Tory and 1% Labour you’d demand the result was changed? 

No, you accept that you voted, your chosen candidate failed to win, grumble about it and get on with life.

So how is it any different for Brexit?

Brexit supporters have been called Fascists.

I’m not sure that’s correct.  Not accepting the majority vote, calling everyone names and trying to force a new referendum until Remain wins is more Fascist, I would say!

The whole country is in a mess, and there really doesn’t seem to be a way of winning.

David Cameron knew exactly what he was doing when he resigned, he wasn’t going to be the one to invoke Article 50.

Boris Johnson never expected to win, he didn’t have a plan and withdrew from the Tory leadership race because he doesn’t want to be the one to invoke Article 50.

Theresa May is likely to be the PM, she’s NOT a Brexit supporter although she does have some strange ideas, for one being a supporter of Sharia Law. 

Andrea Leadsom is a strong candidate but she’s a Brexit supporter.

I firmly believe that no matter who gets in as the next PM won’t want to be the one to invoke Article 50.

Thus we remain in the EU, which may be better for us but isn’t democratic.

Now, the 52/48% result IS very close, it’s hardly a landslide and there are people who regret voting for Leave.

Is it enough to bring it to 50-50?  Who knows.

Given the shambles we’re in, I think it’s fair to say we should remain in the EU.

However, it’s clear that people are upset and massive reform is needed of the country as a whole.

Like it or not immigration IS a huge problem for the country.  It’s not RACIST to say this, immigrants aren’t an actual race.

Stop being so Lefty and getting faux-offended by everything on other people’s behalf.

It’s not just immigration, it’s outdated laws, politics and working conditions.

If you haven’t seen “Where to invade next” by Michael Moore then I urge you to do so, it’s absolutely brilliant.

If you think it’s about war then think again.  In it, Moore compares the USA with other countries, each time the other country comes off better than the US.

The UK is far more aligned with the US than Europe and that needs to change.

Things like zero hour contracts should be outlawed.  How can a company take on an employee but not guarantee them work?

Huge corporations like Amazon use these contracts so they can have people available but not actually utilise them and if they’re not using them they’re not paying them.

It’s wrong.

Education, working conditions, business obsession with profits over service or employee wellbeing are all areas we need to radically change and I’m not sure there are ANY politicians available right now who can or will do that.

Whether we remain in the EU, which I think is the likely outcome we need strong leadership and people who can enact change.

Stop all the bickering, get rid of all the political correctness, accept the need for change, move with the times and fucking well get on with it.


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