All lives matter

The world seems to be getting crazier by the week.

We’re now seeing mass demonstrations in America because Black Lives Matter.

Where did this stem from?

Well, some American Police Officers shot some Black men.

And that in itself clearly shouldn’t be happening, but it isn’t without some provocation.

Let’s get this straight, these men were not just driving down the street, pulled up by the Police for no reason  and then shot, for no reason.

I’m sorry, the Police in some American towns and cities may be well be lax, uneducated itiots, but these people are not being shot for the sheer fun of it.

There are often cases of resisting arrest, weapons being carried or threats of violence along with the fact many are members of street gangs, this shit just doesn’t happen on this scale for a laugh.

However, the demonstrations and shootings in Dallas are far more than people trying to make a point or a stand against alleged racism – the shootings of the Police Officers in Dallas were premeditated.

Micah Xavier Johnson planned to ambush and shoot the officers, he didn’t just pop out to a shop and buy a SNIPER rifle like Arnie did in Commando.

This'll do.

If it was a spur of the moment thing he’d have had a handgun, not a sniper rifle.

And his house wouldn’t have been full of bomb making equipment, explosives etc would it?  No.

Let’s face facts that the BlackLivesMatter movement isn’t a peaceful “Will you stop fucking killing us / treating us like shit” organisation, dedicated to educating dumb ass redneck Americans.

The planned killings, the slogans of “Kill the whites”, aren’t conducive to a movement that shouldn’t need to exist in the first place.

Seeing things like, “Black lives matter is not a terrorist organisation, I’ll waste anyone who says it is” is a bit of an oxymoron, which is along similar lines to “Islam is a religion of peace, I will behead anyone who says otherwise”.

Both are real life, actual statements.

The fact is, there shouldn’t be a NEED to have a BlackLivesMatter movement, because that pigeonholes a specific race or colour.  And that suggests that black people only care about themselves.

Why isn’t there a BrownLivesMatter or a YellowLivesMatter movement?

God forbid there would be a WhiteLivesMatter as that would be incredibly racist, wouldn’t it?

In this day and age there shouldn’t be a need for a movement such as this to exist, but if it had to why can’t it exist to educate and bring together all colours, creeds and races?

AllLivesMatter is all we should need.  If we continue being insular and segregated how are we ever going to get along properly?

Can we all just stop fucking killing each other?

This dude has it right.

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