Washed up Singer sues Scruffy Ginger Get

Scruffy Ginger Get, Ed Sheeran has settled out of court in a $20m case brought against him by washed up singer Matt Cardle over similarities in their songs.

The case claims that Sheeran's 2014 song "Photograph" sounds just like Matt Cardle's (I don't even know who the fuck he is) 2012 song "Amazing".

Now, I've listened to both of these and after having what can only be described as a "douche for the ears" can firmly agree that the songs DO sound the same in that:

  • They both contain acoustic guitars
  • They are both sung my men
  • Both songs are utter fucking wibble
  • Both men are talentless fuckwitt shitballs.

I hope that clears it up.

However, after further reading it appears the guy who brought the case has a habit of this.

Richard Busch won a similar case previously against Robin "A bit rapey" Thicke.

So it got me thinking, is this going to be the new PPI?

We're going to get loads of these now!  This guy must listen to songs all day long and think "Wait a second, this sounds a little like X  by Y, there's money to be made here"

"I wrote a song that had a drum in it, your song has a drum in it.  Pay me £1m please!"

Can't wait.

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