A little bit of f**k we can make it through the night

I have a problem with swearing. 

Not in a Tourettes kind of way, but related to swearing in pop songs. 
Why does it exist?  It has to be faded out but it’s cunningly done so that the “cked” sound remains, which means everyone can work it out, even kids. 
Now, I’m a big fan of the old school gangsta rap.  I still listen to Ice Cube and Dr Dre, the “music” is littered with swearing, cussin’ and bitchin’.  But that’s part of the music and isn’t intended for the pop charts. 
Over the last few years there seems to be more and more songs which contain bad language but not for any particular reason. 
Pink seems to be one that does it regular.  She also thinks she’s “still a rock star”.  When has Pink EVER been a rock star?  Never. 
Blocking out bad language makes it so obvious that something’s been said or sung that shouldn’t have, so what’s the point of doing it? 
Radio edits for example should be the same song but with words changed rather than blocked.  Even Ice Cube did this with “Good day” and the lyrics still make sense. 
Ceelo Green (which sounds like a new shade of Dulux) in “Forget you” (which clearly is a nice way of saying Fuck you) masks “Shit” with “Shhh…”
Which makes it obvious that he’s not telling someone to button their lip, chu
Mumford and Sons’ Little Lion Man “really f..ked it up this time.” 
What’s wrong with using “messed?” 
Their market is to get in the charts, on the radio etc.  
As I alluded to earlier, I am no prude.  You can tell from this site alone!  But shouldn’t music be more controlled? 
Little Lion man was a massive hit, it was on the radio all the time.  When words are blocked out kids are going to ask why and what word should be there instead.
I just don’t see any need for any mainstream songs to contain any swearing or blocking of such.  
Artists like this should have a duty of care to ensure that any tracks they produce that are aimed at the mainstream market do not contain any swearing or blocked swearing. 
Keep the “explicit lyrics” for the real underground artists and music rather than the fame hungry whores instead! 
While I’m at it, the word “Bitch” is a funny one. 
Katie Perry’s “Hot n Cold” has the line “Like a bitch, I would know” except on radio bitch is blocked out. 
Yet the same radio stations that do this play Meredith Brook’s “I’m a bitch” all the time. 
And it wasn’t until recently (and still not in all cases) that Elvis Costello’s “Olivers Army” line “one less white nigger” started to be blocked. 
I’m all for open music and for artists to express themselves but when it comes to pop music which is very much controlled by the likes of Simon Cowell purely to get radio play and make money, then I think music should be clean. 
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