Will all the celebrities just stop dying?

Prince and the Revolution

This year has seen a large number of well known celebrities shuffle off the mortal coil, and while it’s generally a sad affair the level of hysteria is at twatish levels now.

The latest is the passing of Prince, largely unexpected although given he’d been hospitalised a few days before his death meant it was not a complete surprise.

I quite liked some his music, his 80’s stuff mainly and he can certainly be put in the superstar bracket, friends tell me his live shows were something else.

But Friday morning’s correspondence with radio shows was a further indication that people love to be grief junkies, going further than anyone else to show how upset they are, even if they’re not.

I’m sat here in my car crying”, texted one.  Really?  Was he a family member?  No.  Did you know him personally?  No.

As if you’re sat there bawling your eyes out at a singer who hasn’t done anything of note for a good 20 years, how will their loss affect your life?  You’re not and it won’t, at all.

End of an era, no more music” said another one I heard read out.

End of an era, possibly, although as stated above he hasn’t done anything anyone other than absolute hard core fans would appreciate for a long time.  His last few albums have been very religious, your average fan would probably not be overly impressed with this.

Also, you do know that when a musician dies you can still listen to their music don’t you?  I checked this morning and my Prince MP3’s haven’t auto-deleted themselves from my hard drive, and my Batman CD hasn’t melted itself.

Given that we have heard lots of Prince on the radio since Friday morning backs up this crazy theory.

And then there’s the celebs who claim he was their idol, their hero, their best mate.

Prince is probably the biggest recluse in music since Anetha Faltskog (and maybe MJ at one point), he was hardly socialising with all the latest wannabe acts.  Give over.

Oh we jammed together last year”, “I played on his tracks” – do yourself a favour.  The only time you’ve jammed with him was on Guitar Hero 3, you lying fucktard.

Why is it people go way over the top when someone famous dies?  It comes to us all, and the recent spate of them isn’t down to some crazy conspiracy, it’s because these are people who we have grown up with and have known about all our lives, more or less.

Music wise there aren’t that many global superstars left – Madonna, Tina Turner, Limahl.

Maybe not Limahl.

The point is, they have been around for a long time, forever household names and they’re getting older.  It is inevitable they’re going to die at some point.

When you’re 60 and someone cries “Oh no, Olly Murs is dead!”, you’ll ask, “Who the chuff is Olly Murs?

As I’ve alluded to in previous music posts, musical careers are shorter these days than they used to be because there’s always a TV show or 2 pushing the “next big thing”.

So whilst it’s sad that some well known celebs are dying off in this year, 2016, just celebrate their lives instead of acting like they were your best mates and came round for tea every night.

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