This week I've called time on "The Walking Dead".

I'd mentioned before that it had jumped the shark but I persevered for a bit longer.

This week's episode was enough to push me over the edge and officially stop watching.

But there's another side to the show that I thought was a bit weird; all the relationships in the show are now either multi-racial or LGBT.

Now, before you all start calling me some kind of redneck, bigot, fascist, nazi etc. I'm not actually bothered about that in real terms.

I've written articles recently which feature people's sexuality and I'm really not bothered in the slightest what people do.

But, it kind of feels that TV shows go out of their way to have these couples in a show who probably would never have gotten together.

It's not a race thing, but looking at TWD for example, Carol is with Ezekiel.  With her background she'd never have been with him.

Rick's character would never have seen him with Micchone, likewise with Rosita and Gabe.

They are all totally different characters, why put them together like couples for the sake of it?  It's like they're trying to meet a quota.

As if Rosita would be with Gabe.  Gabe's a priest, in real life he'd be too busy trying to get Judith to sit on his knee or finding ways to abuse Henry.

As I say, in the real world I could not care less if couples of different faiths, religions or colour get together.  It happens, there's nothing wrong with that, but TWD seems to just focus on that in such an odd way.

Which leads me on to the new Hive radio advert.  Have you heard it?  

It features a woman talking about being at her child's football match.  But of course it features the line "...and as you're stood there watching your daughter smash the ball in the net you realise, you can't feel your toes".

Why does it HAVE to be the daughter?  I'm not questioning girls playing football.  My own daughter has just started rugby, what I don't understand is the need for adverts to be different.

It's almost like the left are geared up ready to pounce in case it was an advert about boys playing football.  Let's face it, more boys than girls play it, boys is just the natural default.  It's got nothing to do with gender politics and political correctness.

Going out of their way to be different just sticks out like a sore thumb. 

I don't mean they're after some decent coke or anything like that, no.

But what is clear is that the BBC made a massive cock-up by sacking Jeremy Clarkson and binning him from Top Gear.

Since then we've had Chris Evans & Joey from Friends hosting a piece of shit show that has massively flopped, meanwhile Jezza's Amazon based "The Grand Tour" has gone from strength to strength.

However, in the summer The Beeb rang a short series called "Eight Go Rallying", a show which appeared like it might be fun.  In short, it's billed as a bunch of celebrity families trekking across South East Asian to Saigon.

First impressions were that it might be fun, given that the rally was part of a wider race similar to the Monte Carlo runs.  Break down and you're fucked, run out of petrol in the middle of nowhere and you're getting murdered by weirdos etc.

But it wasn't quite like that, nor was it full of celebries.

The most known was probably Martin Kemp and his wife Shirlie (of Pepsi and Shirlie fame, no I didn't know that either) - problem is that Shirlie clearly hasn't worked since her time with Wham / George Michael in the 80's.

Then there's Noel Edmunds and his make-up artist wife.  He's clearly punching is that fella!

Next up Miquita Oliver who hasn't been seen since Channel 4's "Pop World" on a Sunday morning in the early 2000's and her mum who is apparently a "someone" but looks more like a "something".

Finally there was Tinchy Stryder and Jordan Stephens - no idea who the 2nd fella is.

So, not really a bunch of celebs as such - mostly has-beens.

The show had an element of original Top Gear specials, but that's where it ended.  Each of the cars were clearly followed by quite a large enotourage (or pit crew, if you like).  In fact, out of the 4 days driving they had to do, Miquita's mum failed to finish driving the first 2, due to "tiredness" so their car got taken to the overnight stop for them whilst they took a ride in the crew car.

Hardly in the spirit of things is it?

Overall, it was an OK show, worth watching the few episodes there were if you like your TG Specials but it lacked something special really.

The BBC must be kicking themselves for sacking Clarkson, some days you just have to indulge your "celebs" when they act up!

A couple of years ago a mate was telling me over a beer about a TV show that had been on a few weeks earlier.  The premise sounded good, a team of people were on the run (either individually or in pairs) and had to avoid capture for 28 days.

I liked it so much I sought it out and downloaded the series.  I was hooked.

I was a little dubious of some of the methods used by HQ to track their prey but it was good fun nonetheless.

Then came a second series, I honestly thought, "You know what, I could go on this and I really could evade capture, you'd not find me" and I still think I could do it now.

But being successful does not make good TV, which is why HQ has to cheat.

Yes, it's all good clean fun, it's entertaining and edge of the seat stuff.  Or it was.

Because three series' in (plus a ludicrous Celebrity Special) it has become tedious and lacking in credible ideas.

As I said, the premise of the show is great, anyone who remembers The Interceptor with the delicious Annabel Giles (she's 58, I still would) in the late 80s plus the excellent Wanted in the mid 90s could not fail to be be interested in a show such as Hunted.  From the outset the show claimed that some of the powers of the state such as ANPR, CCTV and phone tracking were simulated - presumably for two reasons:

  1. State spying secrets and methods would not be allowed to be divulged, and more appropriately
  2. There is no way on this earth that a TV show, regardless of budget would be afforded access to such technology, and certainly not in realtime.

So when a contestant is spotted on CCTV walking down a particular street in say, Dorchester, it just so happens that there's a car of trackers just down the road.  They're always 10 minutes away from their target.

Given that there is always at least 1 camera person with the contestant as well, bit of a giveaway.

What else lets it down though?  Well, approaching family members or friends of the contestant, asking them questions and searching their mobile phone and house as if it's a legal requirement.  These people are EX Police and Forces.  None of them are currently serving, this is purely entertainment.  

In the latest series, people's laptops are, according to HQ, "hacked".  They're not hacked if they are just switched on!  A USB stick is put into the laptop and a "backdoor" installed.  Ostensibly it's a simple remote control tool such as Team Viewer.  It's not hacking and it's not a trojan they're installing!  That is against the law, and these people, as I said earlier are not the law.

It's clear that the contestant has signed off on their house being "broken in to" (I.E wife leaves back patio door unlocked when she goes out for the trackers to enter), because otherwise what we're watching is video evidence of breaking and entering.

Finally there's the get away scenes where the contestant manages to get away right at the last minute, literally seconds before the trackers arrive.

That said, I will continue to watch this series as I'm invested in it now.  Whether or not I chose to go back for anymore after this remains to be seen.


I was late to the Walking Dead party, by about 3 series.

In the same way that I was hugely late to Breaking Bad, given the entire show was over for about a year before I got to it.

I was hugely glad I did though as it's genuinely one of the best TV shows I have ever seen.

Straight after Breaking Bad I started on The Walking Dead and it did not disappoint..

I'd seen it advertised of course, I knew it existed but I didn't realise how good it would be.

But 8 series in and it's looking a bit lost, very much like, er Lost did midway through series 3.  The point I gave up on it.

Series 7 of TWD was a little poor, there were episodes where nothing happened or they contained 1 or 2 characters which I believe is a money saving tactic.  It just doesn't make good TV.

I was sceptical at the end of series 7, although I've watched enough to know they love their cliffhangers but I just don't see where this show is heading now, other than the bin.

Previously we had an arsehole in The Governor.  Naturally he was eventually overcome and we've ended up with Negan.

But what after that?  Series 8 seems to be about trying to defeat Negan.  It would probably help if he was in the episodes to begin with.

Assuming Negan is eventually killed what happens next?  An even bigger, badder enemy in The Neganator?  

The show is literally lost, it needs to end.  There's only so far a show like that can go, and they've reached it.  There's no new ideas, the flashbacks and alternative endings are poor and unnecessary.

I know people who have become so disillusioned with the show they've packed it in after just 3 episodes of this new series.  After the dismal episode this week I'm seriously considering doing the same.


In the previous update I made a reference to Mock the Week and Russell Howard.

I wanted to expand on that as comedy on TV as a whole is dying very quickly.

Mock the Week has been on TV well over 10 years now, I've always been a big fan of comedy and in particular edgy satire, which MTW used to provide, along with the excellent Have I Got News For You?

However, having started the new series of MTW and comparing it with the previous series it's clear that the BBC are prescribing the topics which can be made fun of.

It's pretty clear the comedy itself is scripted days in advance, there's no way the comedians come up with their "routine" off the cuff like that, but now it's clear there's a very short list of what they're allowed to poke fun at.

And at the moment it consists of 2 items:

Brexit (And in particular Brexiteers)

Donald Trump (And in particular how shit he is)

That's it!

Not one person on MTW has taken the piss out of Remainers, the Remain campaign, none of it.

Now, I won't get into the whole Brexit thing now, I've written several articles about it over the last 12+ months.  My point is that the BBC does not allow any comedy against Remain.

Are both sides not pisstaking worthy?  I'm pretty sure they are.

I also refuse to believe that none of the comedians on the show are Pro-Brexit either.  You're telling me not one of the regular or guest comedians voted Brexit?

Well, it's a bit strange because the Referendum result was in favour of Brexit, which means there are people all around us who voted to leave.

Secondly, Donald Trump.

Yes, he's a figure of fun, he gets a lot of piss taken out of him, he would because he's a dick.  But again, you're telling me there isn't 1 person on that programme who might actually like him or more importantly poke fun at the opposition?

I'm not here to push Brexit or Trump - I want good comedy.  I want the piss taking to be on both sides.

Why is nobody taking the piss out of the lunatic left who every week come up with something new to be offended by?

I've supported the BBC for a long time, it was only a few months ago when I wrote an article supporting the TV licence but in the last few months I've noticed a very clear switch and I'm rapidly losing the support I once had. For general deities sake, let's have the comedy we used to have!


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