It was alright in the 70s



     It was alright in the 70s




Over the Christmas period I had chance to catch up on some TV, and that included a couple of back to back episodes of this offering from Channel 4.

Now, I've seen a couple of episodes of this show before, along with it's sister show, "It was alright in the 80s".

Previously though I revelled in the nostalgia, as I have done throughout various retro shows such as the BBC's excellent "I Love 19xx" and the odd Channel 5 offering about specific years.

I liked this show enough to series link it and caught up fully, as I said, over Christmas.

What this show does though is a little different to the other "back in time" shows, and I hadn't noticed it before.

It's used as a vehicle to push political correctness, needlessly.

The premise of the show is to cover 2 or 3 topics per episode ranging from racism, sexism and some-other-ism.

It's a sort of Gogglebox for the Politically Correct, sometimes featuring some of the original cast who pass comment on whether it was right or wrong at the time.

However, the main crux is to film a load of young "comedians" or groups of unknowns for them to make ridiculous facial expressions to simulate their faux-outrage.

Yes, that's right.  Let's get a 20 year old feminist in to watch a comedy show from 1974 where some old geezer smacks his secretaries' arse!

Oh the humanity!  Let's now watch the outrage as she rants about how wrong this is and it's absolutely disgusting and and and....!

And it was 40 fucking years ago, enough with the disgust.

Programmes made back in the 70s were different, boundaries were being pushed, new styles were being sought, this doesn't make the programmes wrong.

Many of these old programmes would not even get commissioned these days, which suggests how far society has changed and TV with it.

But that doesn't suddenly mean the old shows aren't entertaining, Rising Damp and Porridge are still some of the best TV shows ever made.

Was Rigsby a racist?  Who gives a shit, he wasn't a real person, it's not real TV.  Listen to the way he talks, he's not being racist, it's a total ignorance of other cultures; that was common in the 70s and 80s as people did not have the interaction between different faiths and cultures as they do now.

TV isn't reality, we need to stop looking back and debating whether TV shows or characters in shows ARE politically correct!  Some of them aren't and those shows are generally not shown today, even on the higher up channels nobody looks at.

Ellie Taylor loves to look all outraged at 70s TV

In 2017 are we really going to debate whether the Goodies pisstake of "The Black and White Minstrel Show" was actually just that, a huge ironic pisstake which had the BBC poking fun at itself or whether it was racist because it also featured some white men with black on their faces.  Look back at that show, it's VERY cleverly done.

Molly Sugden telling all and sundry about her pussy?  Abhorent!  Such filth should have been banned!

Are we really doing this?  So what next?  We go back in time a bit further to look at other events?

Next we'll be reviewing all the old films, probably even cutting new versions to erase the bits people don't like.

If we're not careful we'll end up rewriting history for all the snowflakes who can't handle stuff that went on in the past.


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