What has happened to comedy?

In the previous update I made a reference to Mock the Week and Russell Howard.

I wanted to expand on that as comedy on TV as a whole is dying very quickly.

Mock the Week has been on TV well over 10 years now, I've always been a big fan of comedy and in particular edgy satire, which MTW used to provide, along with the excellent Have I Got News For You?

However, having started the new series of MTW and comparing it with the previous series it's clear that the BBC are prescribing the topics which can be made fun of.

It's pretty clear the comedy itself is scripted days in advance, there's no way the comedians come up with their "routine" off the cuff like that, but now it's clear there's a very short list of what they're allowed to poke fun at.

And at the moment it consists of 2 items:

Brexit (And in particular Brexiteers)

Donald Trump (And in particular how shit he is)

That's it!

Not one person on MTW has taken the piss out of Remainers, the Remain campaign, none of it.

Now, I won't get into the whole Brexit thing now, I've written several articles about it over the last 12+ months.  My point is that the BBC does not allow any comedy against Remain.

Are both sides not pisstaking worthy?  I'm pretty sure they are.

I also refuse to believe that none of the comedians on the show are Pro-Brexit either.  You're telling me not one of the regular or guest comedians voted Brexit?

Well, it's a bit strange because the Referendum result was in favour of Brexit, which means there are people all around us who voted to leave.

Secondly, Donald Trump.

Yes, he's a figure of fun, he gets a lot of piss taken out of him, he would because he's a dick.  But again, you're telling me there isn't 1 person on that programme who might actually like him or more importantly poke fun at the opposition?

I'm not here to push Brexit or Trump - I want good comedy.  I want the piss taking to be on both sides.

Why is nobody taking the piss out of the lunatic left who every week come up with something new to be offended by?

I've supported the BBC for a long time, it was only a few months ago when I wrote an article supporting the TV licence but in the last few months I've noticed a very clear switch and I'm rapidly losing the support I once had. For general deities sake, let's have the comedy we used to have!


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