The Walking Dead has jumped the shark

I was late to the Walking Dead party, by about 3 series.

In the same way that I was hugely late to Breaking Bad, given the entire show was over for about a year before I got to it.

I was hugely glad I did though as it's genuinely one of the best TV shows I have ever seen.

Straight after Breaking Bad I started on The Walking Dead and it did not disappoint..

I'd seen it advertised of course, I knew it existed but I didn't realise how good it would be.

But 8 series in and it's looking a bit lost, very much like, er Lost did midway through series 3.  The point I gave up on it.

Series 7 of TWD was a little poor, there were episodes where nothing happened or they contained 1 or 2 characters which I believe is a money saving tactic.  It just doesn't make good TV.

I was sceptical at the end of series 7, although I've watched enough to know they love their cliffhangers but I just don't see where this show is heading now, other than the bin.

Previously we had an arsehole in The Governor.  Naturally he was eventually overcome and we've ended up with Negan.

But what after that?  Series 8 seems to be about trying to defeat Negan.  It would probably help if he was in the episodes to begin with.

Assuming Negan is eventually killed what happens next?  An even bigger, badder enemy in The Neganator?  

The show is literally lost, it needs to end.  There's only so far a show like that can go, and they've reached it.  There's no new ideas, the flashbacks and alternative endings are poor and unnecessary.

I know people who have become so disillusioned with the show they've packed it in after just 3 episodes of this new series.  After the dismal episode this week I'm seriously considering doing the same.


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