BBC still looking for Top Gear

I don't mean they're after some decent coke or anything like that, no.

But what is clear is that the BBC made a massive cock-up by sacking Jeremy Clarkson and binning him from Top Gear.

Since then we've had Chris Evans & Joey from Friends hosting a piece of shit show that has massively flopped, meanwhile Jezza's Amazon based "The Grand Tour" has gone from strength to strength.

However, in the summer The Beeb ran a short series called "Eight Go Rallying", a show which appeared like it might be fun.  In short, it's billed as a bunch of celebrity families trekking across South East Asian to Saigon.

First impressions were that it might be fun, given that the rally was part of a wider race similar to the Monte Carlo runs.  Have a breakdown and you're fucked, run out of petrol in the middle of nowhere and you're getting murdered by weirdos etc.

But it wasn't quite like that, nor was it full of celebrities.

The most known was probably Martin Kemp and his wife Shirlie (of Pepsi and Shirlie fame, no I didn't know that either) - problem is that Shirlie clearly hasn't worked since her time with Wham / George Michael in the 80's.

Then there's Noel Edmunds and his make-up artist wife.  He's clearly punching is that fella!

Next up Miquita Oliver who hasn't been seen since Channel 4's "Pop World" on a Sunday morning in the early 2000's and her mum who is apparently a "someone" but looks more like a "something".

Finally there was Tinchy Stryder and Jordan Stephens - no idea who the 2nd fella is.

So, not really a bunch of celebs as such - mostly has-beens.

The show had an element of original Top Gear specials, but that's where it ended.  Each of the cars were clearly followed by quite a large entourage (or pit crew, if you like).  In fact, out of the 4 days driving they had to do, Miquita's mum failed to finish driving the first 2, due to "tiredness" so their car got taken to the overnight stop for them whilst they took a ride in the crew car.

Hardly in the spirit of things is it?

Overall, it was an OK show, worth watching the few episodes there were if you like your TG Specials but it lacked something special really.

The BBC must be kicking themselves for sacking Clarkson, some days you just have to indulge your "celebs" when they act up!

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