Clarkson's Farm - A review

clarksons farm I've just finished watching the 2nd series of Clarkson's Farm.  I watched the first series at the time it came out and loved it.

 It was clear that Jeremy and co were up against it with the likes of COVID and shit weather but it was a highly enjoyable series which highlighted just how hard work farming is.

 I think people take for granted that work just gets done and everybody thinks all farmers are stinking rich, driving hither and thither in their Range Rovers etc.  But that's just not true, not   all farmers are minted.

 So, series 2 then.  More of the same, but worse, for Jeremy and co.

 You see, as part of trying to make the farm sustainable he built a farm shop in series 1.  All was fine until local council numpties got involved and decided to dictate what he could and   couldn't sell.

 So he decides to take it a step further and build a restaurant.  

 And the locals object to it, not because it's a restaurant but basically it's because he's, well, Jeremy Clarkson.

 Which seems a bit petty to be honest.

 At one of the local meetings one local resident actually tells him HE doesn't need an income because he's a "media personality not a farmer".  But in all fairness, what the fuck does that   have to do with the price of fish?  Clarkson could give up his column writing and TV shows overnight and concentrate on farming for 100% of his income.  Does he not need an income     there?

Do his staff all work for nothing then?  It really is an idiotic stance to take, Clarkson running a farm isn't a stunt, you can tell he genuinely loves it despite all the shit that goes wrong.

Now, it's clear that some of mishaps are scripted or planned, much like in the same way that things "happened" on old Top Gear or The Grand Tour.  It is entertainment after all.

But that doesn't mean the farming isn't real.  He employs local people who have farming at the very core of their families for decades, THAT isn't for entertainment.

The concerning part of this second series though is just how much stupid bureaucracy there is in this country.  From farming to planning permission, it's clear that this country wants to set up people to fail.

Imagine being a councillor and actually wanting to deny someone from having a viable business that employs local people.  These people clearly don't work for the good of the country; I wouldn't be surprised if they take some backhanders too to deny people.

I've stood for council election myself and I know that if elected I wouldn't be looking for ways to deny people a living.  The automatic stance with these cretins seems to be "Show me why I shouldn't deny you" rather than "Prove to me you have all the plans".  Starting off from a negative never ends well.

Another problem I have with these people is that they seem to be denying him just because he's Jeremy Clarkson.  They don't like him, so they won't let him build simple things on his own land.

That screams discrimination and bias to me.  I guarantee if someone other than Clarkson put those plans in place and had the farm in their name those plans get through.... eventually.

I'd never really known any farmers until a few years ago, and meeting them gave me a respect I hadn't known before.  When I watch this show I have the utmost respect not just for Jezza and co but all the farmers, they're being shafted on a daily basis by supermarkets, councils etc.  Some of it feels by design too, but that's another story for another day....