beth wetter vaccinated ukraine Gender fluid, liberal, pansexual radical feminist from Croydon.

 Some days I think there's only me.

As we are now in an energy crisis I think we have to consider just what it's doing to the environment.

I mean, we all use too much energy don't we?  We consume too much, we throw away too much.

And that is why I think we should introduce a new law!  Using too much energy is a HATE CRIME, against Planet Earth!

Yes, I'm serious!

You see, every time Rupie takes me out in his car we work out our carbon footprint.  To offset this we go into our favourite coffee shop and order something that we don't really like but do so anyway as it's better for the environment.

Sometimes we leave it because we're not keen but we like to think that the drinks will get recycled to the next people who come in.  We've certainly asked for them to not be thrown away!

We're such good people, pay it forward and all that!

But really, going back to the law - if calling people bad names is a hate crime then why isn't being nasty to the planet?

It's a living thing too isn't it?  It's even got a gender with it being known as Mother Earth - I do hope people respect her pronouns.

I must say though, I'm not looking forward to this winter and all the money we'll be expected to pay on gas just to keep warm.  I think me and Rupie will just turn everything off during the day and go and sit in a cafe with our laptops and buy a single coffee between us.  Should cover it!

beth wetter vaccinated ukraine  As an avid fan of Killing Eve I was distraught to have to give the final season (season 4) a swerve.  Why, you ask?

 Well, it was all to do with the war in Ukraine you see.  And specifically because of Russia.

 If you don't know the story then it's about a Russian killer called Villanelle.  And that's the reason!  I couldn't watch a Russian on TV when innocent people are being killed in Ukraine.

 Oh, I know that Villanelle is played by Jodie Comer and she's from Liverpool but it's the fact she's playing a Russian character on my TV, it's all too much to bear!

 Maybe when it's all over I can go back to it, I could even pretend Jodie's character is from somewhere super friendly instead like China or Saudi Arabia.

 Not only have I had to give up Killing Eve though, I also had to stop watching football with my beloved Rupie!  Rupert is a Chelsea fan so that pretty much makes me a Chelsea fan too.  But when we   were told that Roman Abramovitch was a Russian and was being sanctioned I was shocked.  I didn't even know what that meant.


Apparently he was the owner and was forced to sell the club to someone else even though he hadn't actually invaded Ukraine personally or RPG'd a school.  But rules are rules I'm afraid.

If the baying mob says we must hate Russia and boycott them then so be it, I'm not going to use my own mind am I?! LOL


Hi everyone!  I hope you had a great Christmas, I know I did.

I've got some great news to share, remember my friend Rupert who took me out for a drive a few months ago?  Well, we're officially an item now!  I'm so in love!

Here's my darling Rupie!


So, this year (or should that be last? LOL) Christmas was a bit different to the previous one.  Not just because of having Rupie in my life but also Christmas dinner.

You see, this year me and Rupie spent the day together, we had a lovely vegan dinner but we thought we had better keep ourselves protected from COVID, especially with that new Omicron variant arriving just before Christmas!  Scary!

So whilst we spent the day together in the same house, we had our Christmas dinner over Zoom!

Yes, that's right!  We sat and ate and stared into each others eyes not at the same dinner table but from separate rooms.  There was the odd bit of lag which was funny sometimes, but we had a really good time.  We're thinking of doing the same thing come Valentines day!  I can't wait!

Now we're into a new year, I can settle down on the couch and watch the Australian Open.  I really hope that they sort out the issue with Novak Djokovic so he can play, but I think I'll have to wear a mask whilst watching him play, you can't be too careful with what comes through the TV!

beth wetter vaccinated Last week my friend Rupert took me out for a ride in his MG Convertible, a lovely little motor it was.

 But guess what, I was still masked up while we hurtled our way to Elmers End (which is a place and not what Rupert calls his genitals).

 And you know why?  Well, that damn COVID again isn't it?  I mean, both me and Rupy are fully vaccinated and all but you just never know if one of the people in the cars in front of us   has chosen not to partake or if they've only had one jab.  Who is to know?

 I don't want some self person passing COVID on to me when I've gone to the trouble of having both my jabs, it's just not right is it?  There could be all manner of germs heading our way   from those cars in front and we could catch all sorts.

I think people should have to wear masks in cars, even if they're by themselves, that way we know they're not spreading anything about.

We have to halt this spread of this killer virus!

gb news New news channel GB News launched on Sunday night and I for one am livid!

 However, it's not all doom and gloom because "Stop Funding Hate", a website and twitter account run by one man in his mum's boxroom has compiled a list of sponsors or people who advertise on the far right fascist news channel.


It's quite handy to have such a resource telling me who I should stop buying my products from and which brands to avoid because I'm not capable of thinking for myself.

I haven't even watched the channel, I'm only saying it's far right and fascist because that's what I've been told! *Titter*

So these are the companies and brands I'll stop using with immediate effect:

The National Lottery

I'll do the Post Code Lottery instead!


Virgin Media

Oh, they do provide my superfast cable internet.  I can always drop down to 20 megabits though, no worries.



Well, there's always Superdrug!


The Post Code Lottery

Oh that is a mither.



Hmm, I do love their cofee but Costa is available!



Easy, I'll go with someone else!


Weetabix and Kellogs

Oh.  Looks like it's own brand for me!



Shit, I'll have to go with Just-Eat instead.


Amazon Prime

Oh.  That is a pain.



Well, I for one will ditch my Android phone and get an iPhone instead.  I just need a search engine that can direct me towards suitable shops.


See, it's easy!  I can just stop using these well known brands and products!  They're funding hate after all.

Now I'm off to go for a Starbucks!

Shit, maybe not.


Now, where's my local Costa?  I'll just use Google Maps.... Oh, bother.