Attack of the Facebook Cloners

This was posted on Facebook on the 17th April, by the same dimwit who has posted the majority of the other Facebook clone messages.

Again, "almost every"  is used, which I'm not sure is even Queen's English.  Shouldn't it be "almost all", which Dimwit has used before.

Then again on the 24th Dimwit posted the following:

"I believe", which means "I have no idea but I'll post it anyway" that accounts are being duplicated at an "alarming rate".

Alarming rate?  Given I have never come across anyone this has happened to I'd say it's about as alarming as a broken alarm.

When will these people ever learn?  Copy and pasting utter bullshit on their pages without even thinking.

The funny bit is that Dimwit seems that think that anyone actually gives a shit about her profile being "duplicated" or "hacked" or "cloned", as if she's got so many friends and is so great that we should all be on the lookout for a new friend request from her.

I didn't fucking want the first one, let alone a second.

And surely this "hoax" is just set up by someone who wants to send nasty messages to their mates whilst pissed, but then claiming it wasn't them and that they were hacked or cloned or whatevs.


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