Don't vote Tory, she's wearing shoes

Over on Facebook, knobhead group "We demand" (a shrubbery) ran this:

Yes, that's right.  Do not vote Tory because the Prime Minister is wearing shoes on TV.

How dare she, eh?  She should have to go on TV barefoot like Sandie Shaw, right?!  Right on.

I'm not going to get into the whole "Nurses eating out food banks" thing because that's a story for another day.  The point being that someone thinks we should not vote Tory because the PM went on TV in diamond studded heels.

Fortunately someone with a bit of sense chimes in:

"I'm sure they're not real".

Which they probably aren't, but in order to maintain the balance in favour of Libtards, We Demand decides that May is "a little too old to be wearing footwear like that".

Ah right.  I was going to vote Tory until you told me that.

Does it really fucking matter what she's wearing? Do you really think she's lording it up on "The One Show"?  The fucking One Show for god's sake!

And what if the shoes really ARE real diamonds, eh?  If she's paid for them herself and not claimed it on expenses then she can buy what she wants.

This whole thing smacks of entitlement from Millennials.

"Oh how dare she wear something I can't afford!"

 Next you'll be suggesting that you can't be PM unless you eat from food banks, and look like this:

Is this where we are heading now?  If you don't look like some utter scuffer then you can't represent the people?

Do you really want some scruffy cunt running the country?  Imagine Trampy McTrampface (above) meeting world leaders dressed like this.

Is this really the level we're at?  The sense of entitlement is overwhelming, and frankly damn right stupid.


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