Phil Collins on the what?

It's not actually a Facebooker this time, no it's a comment on a News site, what Dave Gorman might refer to as "The bottom half of the internet".

So, the other week Phil Collins was looking a bit ropey.

I'll not lie, I did make use of my Celebrity Death List Wildcard for 2017 but thankfully I didn't need it.

Phil's been ill of late, and he had a nasty fall a few months ago too.

So when his latest bout of illness rendered him hospitalised this classic comment was left on the article:

That's right, Phil resembles an old man (which he is) singing along to a duke box.

I'm not sure what a Duke Box is, I think it's what Prince Phillip goes in at Royal Ascot.

Fucking duke box though.  What a prannock.


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