BFF - Better Fuck-off, Fucker.

Have you seen this shit? I mean, what the fucking fuck is that?

OK, so everyone replies with BFF and it goes green because that's what Facebook does no matter where you post it.

Let's just break this down a little though, eh?

Mark Zuckerberg has decided that he's perfectly happy to have insecure account of Facebook, but if you type BFF onto a post it magically makes it safe.

If it doesn't you need to change your password.


Not only is that the biggest load of wank since I don't know when, why on earth would we be informed about it not from Zuckerberg or Facebook itself but from a page called "Viral Mate".

I mean, seriously people, are you that fucking stupid that you think the security of Facebook is left to a page with the word Viral in its name, begging you to type something on their page for likes.

You're a bunch of fucking idiots.

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