Jonathan Morgan - COVID Cunt

Ah, Jonathan's back once again - A bit like the Renegade Master, with the ill behaviour.

This time he's here to tell the world that "someone" who works at the Prince Phillip Hospital in Llanelli has told him that one of her colleagues died as a result of the COVID-19 vaccination.


And straight away the "sheeple" jump in, believing everything he says!

Vanessa Machiavelli there, spouting some shite about a doctor who supposedly died after having the CV vaccine too.

But look!  Sarah discredits Jonathan's claim and Vanessa retorts with a childish, "They censor and silence the truth..."

How convenient eh?

Going back to the original post, Prince Phillip Hospital has already issued a statement stating that is simply isn't true.  Doesn't stop these cranks from pressing on though does it?

If you look closer to Vanessa's post, as I have, I find it very strange that the Facebook profile of the lady who claims her husband died has no friends associated with it and it's the only post on the account.

It's almost as if it was created by a random person and not the actual wife at all. 

Which immediately rings alarm bells on the Monkey on Toast Bullshit Detector.

So, Jonathan's "Breaking News" is all horseshit but all his dickhead followers lap it up claiming it's a "global de-population plan".

It's not, it's a nasty virus.  Deal with it, stop talking shit.

I'm sure there will be more from his Captain Bullshit again.... I've gone undercover, so I have.


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