The Queen is no longer The Queen

OK, so it's not Facebook this time, it's Instagram (which sounds like an online cocaine delivery service)...

Check this guy out.


save us now

Watched it?  Well, where to fucking start?!

I love the fact he starts the video with "Obviously", like it's really obvious to everyone that the COVID Vaccines are a weapon of mass destruction.  

Yet, if that was the case, then it's a really SHIT weapon of mass destruction because there's not many people who have died from the jab.  Probably less than the good Doctor Shipman in fact.

I don't have the figures on people who have died AFTER having the jab, it's quite difficult to pinpoint it as the actual cause of death but let's look at the UK and the AZ blood clot "fiasco".

Yes, it's such a fiasco that ONLY 30 people out if 18 MILLION (1 in 600,000) have died from blood clots since having the AZ jab.  And frankly, how many of those would have died from a clot anyway?  If I read correctly, the number of deaths from blood clots are no different to previous years so can they REALLY blame the AZ jab?  Wankers like matey boy above can.

So if it really is a Biological WMD why haven't 30 million+ people (including myself) died yet?

The Queen, Boris Johnson, various celebs, your mum.

Why haven't they all keeled over?  Could it be that it's because YOU'VE MADE IT UP UP YOU ABSOLUTE ZOOMER?


And then there's the classic Anti-Vaxxer "It changes your DNA", where he then goes on to state that "The Queen has had her vaccine, it's changed her DNA, she is no longer The Queen".

Which is fucking hilarious.

Even IF her DNA has changed, she's still the head of state, you gibbering mong.

Moving on, he then claims to have a "sworn affidavit" by the "intelligence community" but doesn't provide any evidence of such.  I mean, if you're going to make such a bold claim at least wave some paper in front of the camera.


Take a look at him, he's a complete Berk.  Sun glasses indoors, nonce.

And he's a bigger helmet than all those in the background put together.

It's people like this that fuck it up for people who question the narrative.  As I've said before, I don't believe COVID is a hoax, it's clear it's very real.

However, it HAS been handled badly and I'm not 100% sure we're not being lied to or manipulated about certain things.

I have a tendency to question things that don't seem right, but that doesn't go down well with people because of arseholes like knobhead above and all the other 5Gers and Anti-Vaxxers who just make shit up and present evidence that equates to a thin slice of fuck all.

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