Ashamed of your country

Not Facebook again this time, it's Twitter.

Get a load of this rubbish from June:

british heritage

Imagine being this fragile that you have to be "ashamed" of something that happened hundreds of years before you were even born, and you're not a direct descendant of.

But then looking at her username it says it all... "Socialist".  AKA Bed wetting lefties who absolutely hate their country, constantly doing it down and determined to ruin everyone else's lives because theirs is so dull and hate ridden.

There is nothing wrong with being proud of your country; the heritage, the land, the history.

Which brings me to to people who are usually referred to as "Nationalists".

Nationalists are proud of their country, they fly the Union flag or the St George flag at times other than when there's a football tournament on.  Do that in this country and you're a xenophobic, racist, bigoted flag shagger.

Go abroad and you'll see locals proudly and without fuss flying flags all over.  France, Spain, ISIS - they're all at it.

So why is it that we're not allowed to do the same? 

June just seems to reek of what's becoming known as "White guilt", we're supposed to be ashamed of who we are, even though we haven't done anything wrong.

She's right in that the British DID invade other countries and colonise them, but it was hundreds of years ago and the British empire isn't as big or relevant anymore.

The reply to June from Steve is absolutely brilliant, and so right.  There WERE other races and countries who also did what we did - The Italians aren't ashamed of the Romans and Scandinavians don't wet their dresses at what the Vikings did.  It's history from hundreds  and thousands of years ago, there's nobody alive today that was part of any of these events and there's nobody alive today who is a victim of it, unless you're so fragile you sit and cry every night about something that simply doesn't concern you.

June, you're an absolute zoomer.


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