fort mcmurray

While the fires rage on in Fort McMurray, causing absolute devastation for the inhabitants of the land, there’s this major codpiece who thinks it should continue to burn because it’s the oil companies fault.

Yes, that’s right, you absolute weapon – the oil companies started the fire.

I have it on good authority it was Billy Joel to be honest.

What a monstrous dong this guy is.

Does he not understand how much we NEED the oil companies?  As much as we might dislike them for the power they hold over the world they are still a necessary part of life.

I assume this shite-for-brains doesn’t run a car or have any form of heating or electricity in his house?

Yes, the oil companies are forcing us to keep using their product.

Yes, they WILL have to invest in other fuels as time goes by as their product won’t last forever.

But until that time, stop blaming them for a fire they have nothing to do with, you crayon eating spastic.

Welcome to Facebook Fuckwitt Corner, our first foray into the murky world of Facebook Idiots.

I noticed a new icon on Facebook the other day called “Live Map”, having not added this “app” myself I had a look to see what it was.

Turns out it’s a map of people who are “streaming” live on Facebook.

When I say “streaming” I don’t mean they’re having a piss or publicly suffering from an STI, I mean they’re actually broadcasting themselves live on Facebook.

Being inquisitive I had a poke around and found a few people, nothing of interest really until I stumbled across this melt from Nottinghamshire.

He looks like  Macauley Culkin before he shared a bed with Michael Jackson.

Do these kids actually think they’re cool?  The absolute state of this ass-hat.

Speaking of hats, his hat is the best bit, bet he only wears it in his bedroom when his mum’s not around.

The only pussy, money and weed this cock-womble has ever seen is this: 


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