This was posted on Facebook on the 17th April, by the same dimwit who has posted the majority of the other Facebook clone messages.

Again, "almost every"  is used, which I'm not sure is even Queen's English.  Shouldn't it be "almost all", which Dimwit has used before.

Then again on the 24th Dimwit posted the following:

"I believe", which means "I have no idea but I'll post it anyway" that accounts are being duplicated at an "alarming rate".

Alarming rate?  Given I have never come across anyone this has happened to I'd say it's about as alarming as a broken alarm.

When will these people ever learn?  Copy and pasting utter bullshit on their pages without even thinking.

The funny bit is that Dimwit seems that think that anyone actually gives a shit about her profile being "duplicated" or "hacked" or "cloned", as if she's got so many friends and is so great that we should all be on the lookout for a new friend request from her.

I didn't fucking want the first one, let alone a second.

And surely this "hoax" is just set up by someone who wants to send nasty messages to their mates whilst pissed, but then claiming it wasn't them and that they were hacked or cloned or whatevs.


When one lady announced on Facebook she had dumped her boyfriend, one lady responded with some fine words of wisdom:

So, according to Marjorie Proops here, she's better off on her something.

This is classic single person speak too, "You can be your own boss, go out and get pissed and enjoy itself <sic>"

Single people who have been dumped use that classic line, "You can do what you want now".

It seems she's also suggesting that only single people can go out and get pissed, well I've big fat news for her!

And finally, "I've been single since last Thursday and I love it"

LOL etc.

At the time this was posted, she hadn't even been single for a full week.

This is a woman in denial.


That's right, folks, Donald Trump is jolly well annoyed at these pictures so what you all have to do is share this post.

It has absolutely nothing to do with the original Facebook poster wanting to gain some kind of attention.

Oh no, it's not that at all.

Trump might be a bit of a tool but I'm quite sure he's not really arsed about some pictures of him circulating on Facebook.

I mean, it's not as if he's naked and cavorting with children is it?  Unlike some US politicians.  Pizza anyone?

The best thing to do is NOT share this crap and send a message to whichever Facebook Fuckwitt started it off.

Then stop believing everything you see on Facebook.

According to some prick on Facebook this picture is banned on Twitter.

No, no it isn't.

Why on earth would this picture be banned on Twitter?

So by claiming it's banned on social media you're trying to encourage people to share it on Facebook?

And people love to share stuff that's banned eh?  

There is absolutely no evidence that it is banned, and they talk about Fake News - this is the kind of shit Facebook needs to stop.

Just because someone says a picture is banned it doesn't mean it is.  Weeks before this the same poster claimed it was banned on Facebook, if that is the case how was he able to post it again?

Facebook gets stupider by the day.

Over on Facebook we have this little nugget:

Yes, that's right.  Having had your placenta removed you won't be able to have another baby.

But just to be on the safe side, keep using contraception and have your womb removed.

You can eat that, don't you know.

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