Look at this shite from The Sun


ragwatch cummings child

Not content with piling on Cummings they've now turned to his 4 year old son.  This is fucking disgusting.

What the hell does it have to do with ANYTHING what his son's name is.  The article goes on to discuss all details of when he was born etc.

Tomorrow they'll probably print made up "news" about the kid.

It is simply not relevant to the Cummings story at all.  Please do not buy The Sun, it is pure SCUM.

ragwatch naga headline

Big headline eh! Naga walks off the BBC Breakfast show.

Ooh, must be a massive falling out?

The Express has all the details here, but why read the article when you can just look at the headline and make up your own news?

Judging by the headline it must have been serious, yes?  Just look at the FURY on Naga's face prior to walking off:

ragwatch naga picture

She could kill with that stare eh?

But don't worry, because instead of reading the shitty Express story you can actually watch what happened on the article page.

And you'll see the picture the Express used above is a deliberate attempt to take a still and make it look like something it's not.

If you even read the article it goes on to say, "Naga got up off the sofa, put her hands in her pockets and jokingly walked off camera"

So, a massive headline followed by an opening gambit of, "BBC Breakfast presenter Naga Munchetty was back this morning bringing..." even though she never left the previous day.  She walked off camera for 2 seconds at the most, clearly laughing.

You can even watch for yourself.

What a shit paper, Express.  Stick to panicking about the weather and Princess Diana.


Here we go, she's fast turning into my new favourite Rag Watch star.

karen matthews benidorm

Karen Matthews is "believed" to soon travel to Benidorm after becoming fascinated with the ITV sitcom.

Oh, mate.

The fact it says "believed" means that the Mirror's BS writer has no idea about it at all and is just making shit up.

I mean, she may very well be off to Spain, and fair fucks to the woman.  I don't care, neither should you. She's paying for it, not you.

If she's been sat there in prison watching Benidorm and thinking, "Ayup, that looks a cracking 'oliday that, like.  I'm bluddy off here when I get outta 'ere" then let her.

I'd very much doubt that's what's happened though, in all fairness.

Meanwhile the paper goes on to say that, "The callous parent is looking for £7-an-hour cleaning jobs to fund her trip".

Which, given she's 44 the minimum wage is £8.21 - so who's paying below minimum wage? Find out and report them!

And someone is clearly following her about because the paper says she, "..visited a pet shop, sports and tool shops and Sainsbury's, before tucking into a fish and chip lunch"

They're obsessed with what she's eating!  Last time it was McDonalds.


I don't have any sympathy for the woman considering what she did, however, she's an ex con who has served her time.  She didn't murder anyone, she's fiddled no kids.

She's a bit thick.  And fat.  And ugly. (Quite a lot of the last 2)

Just let her get on with her life and stop following her around.

She's made her bed, let her kid lie under it.

gemma collins anniversary

Excellent journalism from The Scum, where Gemma Collins missed out on a chance to stuff her fat face further by missing her parents' 40th wedding anniversary.

Or was it their 42nd?

Who knows, let's hedge our bets.

Seriously, this is news?  In these times of global crisis, a fat mess of a no-mark missing out on a buffet won't do her any harm at all.

karen matthews likes mcdonalds

She's back!  The Daily Mail fucking love her.  Well, they love writing about her anyway.

And what's "Britain's worst mother" done this time?  Hidden another child in a bed to claim she's been abducted and get some ransom money? Murdered her child in Portugal and then claim she was abducted?

No, she's had a fucking McDonalds meal.

"Britain's worst mother Karen Matthews enjoys McDonalds takeaways" they tell us.  What a bitch!  String her up immediately!

The top headline is worse, where it claims she gets £300 a week benefits which she spends on manicures, scratch cards and Maccie D's.

It's all just too much!  I can't take it.

We should all be outraged, right?  A woman who was convicted of a crime, did her time and is currently not being a criminal spends her "dole" money on McDonalds.

Mate, so does half the town I live in.  And how often can one have a manicure?  It's not a daily occurance is it?

And £300 a week, give over!  Just plucking random numbers out your Daily Mail Arse to outrage people.

Don't get me wrong, I love exposing people.  I love giving you the hard facts but as it stands right now, all I can see is a fat ex con having some scran, which isn't a crime.

Welcome to Rag Watch, Karen Matthews.

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