Paul Hollywood is a bloody Nazi!

Awful news rag "The Scum" sorry "Sun" ran this story over the weekend:

Paul Hollywood, he of Great British Bake Off stuns pub drinkers after turning up dressed in full Nazi gear.


Now, two things immediately stand out for me with this story.  Actually, make that 3:

  1. Just where are these stunned pub drinkers?  There's nobody else in the picture apart from his mate.
  2. Paul Hollywood looks a bit older and fatter now, as we all do.
  3. This is the killer shot - There's a fucking ash tray avec fags on the pub bar which suggests this picture was taken before July 2007 when the smoking ban was introduced in the UK.

Ah, eagle eyed eh?  Correct, I've got eyes like a shithouse rat, me.

So, going back to point 3 then, let's talk.

It turns out this picture was taken in 2003, at an 'Allo 'Allo themed party.

Hardly the same as making out the baker-boy is a full on Nazi!  And let's delve a bit deeper into this, when was the last time an actual Nazi / Neo-Nazi really went out dressed in 1940's Nazi uniform?  Not that common really is it?  I don't even know where one would even get such a uniform from these days, maybe "Stollen from Ivor"?  :)

I wonder who went dressed as Helga.

Are these rags really so desperate for stories they're willing to go back and search through historical pictures and try to apply a different theme to it?

Absolute dicks, I hope they get a Reich pasting.

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