Not specifically a red top this time, although I guess it is, of sorts.

The following appeared on MSN and is from the Mirror:

This is the headline.  Richard Hammond has a backstage bustup with Steve Coogan at the GQ awards.

But then when you read the article, it opens with:

Richard Hammond ALMOST came to blows.  Almost?  So he didn't hit anyone then?

Nope, nobody was hit at all at the GQ awards.  

Apparently there is a long running feud between the pair - neither of which are particularly manly are they?

Imagine a fight between them two!  One's a midget raspberry ripple and the other's a wet gimp.  

So, with tensions running high, what really happened?

How on earth do they get away with the headline claiming there was a bustup where what really what it amounted to was 2 men giving each other daggers like a pair of stupid teenagers.
The dicks.

Filth rag The Sun had this as their front page following the London Bridge attack on Saturday night:

What the fuck has this utter shitehawk supposedly wearing an Arsenal shirt got to do with anything?

The guy was involved in an atrocity that killed and injuries dozens of people, why would you bring any football club into it.

As time goes on I really, really have taken a disliking to this horrible paper.


Atletico Madrid midfielder Saul Niguez joins Manchester United this summer.

He is a substitute in his first match, United are drawing 0-0.

He comes on in the 81st minute and scores the winning goal.


Better Call Saul



Saul Niguez starts his first match for Manchester United, steams into an opponent and is sent off.

He refuses to leave the pitch for 5 minutes whilst he argues with the referee.


Niguez with attitude


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Bullshit vehicle The Mirror ran with this terrible headline:

So fucking what?

Zoe Ball split with Norman over a year ago, she had a new boyfriend.  Why on earth should he be castigated by the Rags because he played a gig just after a man who was dipping his wick in his ex wife has died?

How is this a story?

The only way it could possibly be a story is if Norman TOOK the gig from the dead man himself, which clearly he didn't.

What an absolute load of tosh.

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