A Christmas roundup of nonsense

I do love a good Rag Watch, and the newspapers & media in general are certainly getting worse, nay, more desperate!


First up this time:

jacket potato

How to cook crispy jacket potatoes in 25 minutes without using an oven.

Let me guess, the microwave?!  The standard way to cook a quick JP, as any fule no.

Or a fucking blowtorch.

Mind you, it could be an airfryer as the media have a real wide-on for them at the moment even though they've been around for years.

What really boils my piss in these kind of articles is the use of the word "hack".  A time-saving hack.

Fuck off, what's this "hack"?  It's not a hack is it?  It's a bloke who's just started using a 40 year old kitchen device to cook a JP when the rest of us have been doing this forever.

Hack indeed!  It's taken 2 people to write the article as well, holy shit.




rag united1

Ten Hag nightmare "continues".

Has he had a nightmare for it to continue? No.

He's been given "another major headache at Manchester United", another?  What was the previous one?

Sounds really bad, whatever could have happened?

rag united2

Oh, a young lad was a bit keen with a tackle in training.  But it has to be described as going "from bad to worse" even though there wasn't a "bad" to begin with?

Player "lashed out" at young lad.

Young lad told off.

And that last line... "Martial ended up apologising to the youngster, and Gore did too", fuck me, it's like it's written by an 8 year old who's struggling to end a story they've written at school!

And they all went home for tea.




rag3   COVID isnt covid

Ah, England has been hit by a bug that feels like COVID but isn't!

Sooooo, it's a cold, right?  I mean, it's that time of year when it's colder and people are mingling in pubs, markets etc.

There's loads of these this year, the MEN has been going apeshit over a "Manc bug", literally a bug that's only affecting people from Manchester, honest.

What a load of old pap, it's almost like people didn't have flu or colds prior to COVID.  Come on people, wake up, COVID isn't the most important thing out there anymore, and it never should have been.