Cancel culture doesn't exist

We've heard alot lately about Cancel Culture, so just exactly what is it?

It's a load of nonsense, that's what.

Cancel Culture is supposed to be where people gang up on other people or TV shows to get them removed.  Sometimes it's to get people kicked off apps like Twitter because we don't like their Tweets.

But is it real?  No, it's not. 

One of the great things about being right about everything is that I don't have to listen to or read things that I don't agree with.  There's no need for debate, I know I am right and it's my way or the highway.

So when I see a Tweet from someone I don't agree with I report their Tweets and get my followers to do the same.  Until they either make a snivelling apology or Twitter kicks them off.  There's no need for me and my followers to see things we shouldn't.  Don't you agree?


Instead of wasting time engaging with said individual and talking, I find it easier to take action.  I'm sure you can see my point of view.

If not you soon will.

See, Cancel Culture does not exist and anyone who says it does should be deplatformed.

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