Camberwick Green

Camberwick Green 2020 - Episode 01

The one where it turns out Mrs Honeyman is actually a trans woman and the baby is adopted.  Mr Honeyman is never on the scene, he's currently shacked up with a bloke in Trumpton.

camberwick green mrs h


camberwick green dr mopp

Here's Dr Mopp just after giving Mrs Honeyman a prescription for female hormones.


Camberwick Green 2020 - Episode 02

The one where Windy Miller comes out as gay after living a lie for his entire life.

camberwick green windy miller

After a long week working at Colly's Mill grinding corn and wheat, he gets on Grindr and meets himself a young stud.

He also buys his ticket for the Gay Pride event at nearby Chigley. 



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