Ahh!  Sorry we were gone for so long again, been working on an unrelated project which has taken up all the spare time!


First up this time, there's a story about a murderer!


Speaking of Insulate Britain

Was it a set-up?


Gret Bigg-Turdberg

She's back and wants to lecture us on single use plastics.


The Omicron Variant

Who would have thought they would dream up a new scariant this close to Christmas eh?  Isn't it uncanny?

I mean, it turned up in South Africa just 2 weeks ago and already they say it's going to be the dominant strain.

Funny how they seemed to know so much about it just 3 days after it was announced.  Is it not strange that the South African Health Association downplayed it, saying it was little more than a cold?

Yet we're going nuts over it.  Time to wake the fuck up folks.


The Moronic Variant

Vaccinated people hating on unvaccinated


And finally...

We'll be back very soon folks, we're absolutely fuming about what's going on right now.

Expect another update come the weekend.



Back again and pleased to announce that MOT has been renewed with our hosts for another 12 months.


Take a song lyric and make it inappropriate #875

"Someone's knocking on the door, somebodies ringing the bell..."

knocking on door 1  knocking on door 2 


Insulate Britain

Bunch of wankers


More TV reboots

They've brought some more shows back


Take a song lyric and make it inappropriate #876

"Come on Barbie, let's go party"

knocking on door 1  knocking on door 2 


And finally...

Why does climate change have to be so extreme?


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Hey again folks!  Welcome back.

Beth Wetter is back, she's had a ride in the country.



She's going to become a metallurgist?


John Spiracy

John thinks there's some road shenanigans going on.


My COVID Regret

Woman in hospital bed wants a vaccine.


gcse dyslexia

This stuff just writes itself!



The new BBC show gets reviewed.


Still think the NHS needs more money?

nhs crisis actor advert

If they didn't waste money on diversity and nonsense like this above... But we'll tackle that another time.



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And finally...

 LGBT has become a cult.





An apology.

On the last update we investigated a tweet by a healthcare professional at Bradford Royal Infirmary.  In the article titled (Would I lie to you #3) we looked at a patient of BRI who was supposedly fighting for his life.  In the picture presented by BRI, the patient, Matthew, was sat up playing on his phone, on a machine which was switched off and had an array of sweets, chocolates etc around him.

We questioned just how real this was given the media has been used for propaganda and COVID, hence why the article was the 3rd so far.

We since learned that Matthew has died and we apologise for potentially making light of his situation.  We have since spoken to BRI and they confirmed our claim of snow on the ground in July was unsubstantiated and we're happy to accept that.

We hold our hands up when we're wrong as we should and we apologise - the article has been amended and the offending material has been removed.

However, the article still stands in that there are 2 crisis actors both purported to be in hospital with COVID, both unvaccinated and both "regretting it".

As it stands, they are still fair game and we do not believe they are real.


no blacks no irish
Coming soon to a Fascist B&B near you


Is Piers Morgan a lying toad?

In this article, Piers Morgan "speaks out after getting COVID-19 despite having 2nd vaccination" where he claims he contracted the virus at Wembley.  Which is fine, I mean, we always knew you could catch the dreaded lurgy even if you're microchipped (grin).  BUT what no paper seems to have picked up on is that Piers was supposed to have had COVID last year.


No?  Well here's a fucking reminder.

It was in May last year when he was copping loads of shit on Good Morning Britain when he suddenly left the show for a couple of weeks due to suddenly being poorly.  The sceptic in me at the time said it was likely to be bullshit and was a great excuse to have a break from the show with reputation (guffaw) intact.

In which case, Piers is a lying toad.

What are the chances of catching COVID twice and being poorly both times?  It's very, very low.  So, either he didn't have it last year OR it's probably the side effects of his 2nd jab that's caused it.

I simply don't believe he's managed to catch it twice, how novel.


Can you smell that?

mask on tube

Yes, it's the smell of VIRTUE SIGNALLING.

I mean, REALLY, what a silly woman.  I'm going to wear a mask to protect nobody else around me.  And because there's no-one else around me I'll take a picture to show off.



Is Strictly Come Dancing racist?

We'll let you guess.



Do you still trust the CDC?

I ask this because there's been a few pieces of information recently where they seem to have contradicted themselves or released data that the MSM and our terrible Government aren't telling us.

First up, they suggested America should stop using the PCR test by the end of the year as it was unable to specifically detect the presence of EITHER COVID-19 or flu.  What do they mean by that?  Well, the test may return a positive result but it can't differentiate between flu or COVID.  They've stated they a specific test needs to be run to determine which is the case.

So, people are being treated as COVID cases when they've simply got the flu.  What I don't understand is why the MSM have never questioned the fact that 2019 and 2020 has no flu season at all, I mean, come on!

Under a Free of Information request the CDC also answered a question relating to the number of cycles in a PCR.

The request stated that it was 45-47, despite our own Government and MSM telling us it was around 27.

What does this mean?  It means the test is able to return more than it needs to, hence also able to return a POSITIVE result for a previous infection - and that doesn't mean just COVID.

Finally, in another FOI request the CDC states that the PCR can detect ALL variants of the virus - but not the actual VARIANT:


cdc foi variants

So how on earth can MSM tell us that the Delta variant or any other is prevalent when the PCR doesn't return that?  You literally get a negative or positive result not the variant or anything else.

Still trust them?  


And finally...

The Government has failed us, we need a new party....