Sorry for the lack of updates, I got lost.

Anyway, what's gone on recently? Well, quite a bit actually.

The man who made an effigy of Grenfell Tower was acquitted of sending a malicious communication, and rightly so.

After all, he didn't send it, it was in a private WhatsApp group and it was someone else who made it public.  

Even so, it isn't a crime.  It might be in bad taste but what the hell, bad taste isn't a crime!  We need to stop all this snowflaky crybabying where people want people sent to prison for something they take exception to.

I recently had a conversation on Twitter with someone who is deaf.  He was on a train and someone was taking the piss out of him doing sign language.  Now, bit dickheady granted, not even funny to be honest.

But, there were people who replied to his Tweet who actually wanted the guy mocking him to be sent to prison!  It's not a crime.  Shame him, educate him but it's not a crime to take the piss!


Millennial Corner

Scare a Snowflake today!


Are you working harder than you used to?

Work harder! Longer! Faster!


Poor Bojo

PM faces unbridled scrutiny.


And finally...

Millennial sues shoe shop worker

See you again soon!  (Honest!)




Ding Dong the Witch is dead!

Well, not quite.  Theresa May has finally succumbed to the calls to quit.

To be honest she should never have been PM in the first place, she's been absolutely useless and generally disliked by all.

What has she achieved?  Nothing.  Other than winding people up.

Her face, her voice - they went together as a force of evil.  Saying that, I've said before I don't necessarily think she was deliberately evil, she just lacked any sense of compassion, empathy or any other feeling.

She was a terrible Home Secretary, what on earth convinced people to think she'd be a good PM?

Ultimately, Brexit was her undoing.  She kept on repeating the "Brexit means Brexit" and "Leave means Leave" lines, somehow trying to convince herself that she really meant it.

She had the gall in her resignation speech to tell the nation that she did everything in her power to "deliver Brexit".

theresa may empty desk

When in reality this is what 3 years of "Brexiteering" has produced.

She should have come clean sooner.  Yes, the Referendum result was to leave, but if it was deemed that leaving truly was the end of the world and that we'd be plagued by White Walkers forever more then she should have said.

She's pretended to sort out leaving for 3 years, although really we know she only started trying to "do a deal, guv" at the back end of 2018.

She's tried to get the same deal through Parliament several times, each time being told, "Oi! May! Nooooo!  It's the same deal as last time you clown"

To which she replied, in Monty Python fashion, "No it isn't!"

Where that leaves Brexit now is anyones guess but we have to be glad that May is off, she has to be remembered as the most useless and hated PM's of our time.


Mi mi mi mi mi mi mi more Milkshake

Milkshakes are the new Nazi slur


And finally...

The ASA and the Church


I know, I know!  It's been a few weeks since the last update, I've just been so busy!

Missed a few events including the whole Shamima Begum thing which would have been good material.

I won't go much into it as it's kind of old news now but what I don't understand is just why the Independent were so keen to get her back to the UK, their level of campaign was akin to the Daily Express with Diana.

Sajid Javid's revoking of her citizenship was pretty much an act of bravado, deep down we all know it can't stand as it contravenes international law as a person is not allowed to become stateless.  I'm not sure if she'll ever leave that camp now though but if she does you can guarantee she'll end up back in he UK, I just hope she faces justice properly.  I'm also very sceptical about her baby.

It seems odd that the stories about her wanting to come home only came out just as she was about to give birth, then the baby dies within days.  Was it really her baby or just someones at the camp?



It's an absolute farce isn't it?  Here's my latest!


Until next time!


Ever get those leaflets through your door from estate agents?

"Due to a strong demand in your area we urgently require properties for potential buyers"

Bullshit.  More like, "Due to us struggling like fuck, we're trying to artificially create a market where we'll tell you people want to buy your house and in turn persuade you to buy another house through us as well"

Cynical, moi?


E-bay makes you loads of money!

I hate E-bay adverts


The Police are a bit shit #592

Did you hear about the guy who was contacted by Police because he liked a post on Twitter?

There's no punchline, it's all true.

Harry the Owl liked and retweeted a limerick about gender and was contacted by a Police Officer from Hull who found his details by contacting the man's workplace.

Which is a bit weird and doxxy.

You can read the full thread here.

It's a truly awful situation given that the Police Officer in question said he'd committed no crime, and despite Harry suggesting he didn't write the tweet the response from the Police was, "Ah, but you liked it and promoted it"

I mean, what the fuck is going on?

Please read the full story here, it's horrendous that the Police can act in this way.

Do the Police in Hull not have anything better to do?

No, I guess not.  It's not like crime has spiked there has it?

It's truly horrific that the Police are out there, abusing their powers trying to get people into trouble for a crime that hasn't been committed.  Telling people to "check their thinking".

It's no wonder people hold the Police in utter contempt, when they claim budgets and staff are being cut, they're not short staffed at all when they have people trawling the internet looking for some hurt feelings.

You there!  It appears you've had too much to THINK!


Banking Adverts

Why are banking adverts bad AIDS?

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