I demand a shrubbery compensation

A student is demanding a FREE LIFETIME supply of KitKats after she bought 8 of the bars and none of them contained a wafer.

Sorry, what?  A lifetime supply just because all 8 of the bars she bought had clearly had some form of defect at the factory and turned out to contain just chocolate.

Now, I'm all for companies reimbursing customers when they don't get what they've paid for and at most Nestle only really have give the stupid bitch 8 replacement bars.

She goes so far to say, "I'd like the CEO of Nestle to respond to my letter because it's an extremely important issue. I'm trying my luck - if you don't ask you don't get."

Is it important?  Is it really?

No, it's not.

She tries to push things further by claiming that she has "been misled to part with my money and purchase a product that is clearly different from what has been marketed by Nestle."

Misled?  For fucks sake, she's not been mislead.  A machine has clearly fucked up a batch of chocolate bars that nobody actually gives a fuck about except a stupid piss lizard with nothing better to do.

She makes matters worse by claiming, "The loss I have suffered is of monetary and emotional significance."

Emotional?  There was wafer missing from chocolate bar, it's not like you've undergone female genital mutilation.

Of course, the final point is that she "would like a full refund of the defective pack of KitKat I purchased. I have also lost my faith in Nestle."

She's lost faith in Nestle, but is happy to ask them for a lifetime supply of goodies from them.

Some people are just utter cretins.  They want everything for nothing.

Nestle should send her 8 new bars with a letter saying that's a lifetime supply and a week later send round someone in a hoody to shit her up.

And then of course we have the baby clothes that Tesco have had to come out and apologise for, due to the misspelling on the front:

Tesco Mispelt Baby Clothes On the left there's an "E" missing from "AWESOME" and on the right there's an apostrophe missing from "DADDY'S"

All well and good, that's what you get when you get your proof reading done by most teenagers.  I expect the kids who made the clothes probably had sweat in their eyes, which didn't help.

At least the couple who reported it weren't expecting compensation.  It really makes a change.

Still, I'm sure there's a company being set up somewhere as I type.

"Have you been affected by Tesco Misspelling?  Then call Twats Direct now!"


Has anyone else seen these complete fucktards on Facebook who reply to the posting of dead or injured babies in India, Pakistan or Milford Haven?

Apparently you have to reply with "Amen" because, yes, that will bring back a dead baby won't it?  It might even bring to life the PLASTIC FUCKING DOLL that most of the pictures appear to be.

I don't understand why people, supposedly with a brain do this.  And why hasn't the arse-jacket who posts them being hounded off Facebook or at least reported and kicked off?

That reminds me, I haven't checked my "Ian Huntley Bathtime Fun" page for a while....

And finally...

My wife and kids will tell you how much I hated the Hive adverts.  Well British Gas in their infinite fuckery have made some new ones.


This what I have to say about it.





We start this update with rather sombre news.  Those original Toasters and Forum members might remember a user called Miss Scarlett.

It is with sadness I have to report she was tragically killed last Sunday.

I met her in person several times and although it's been almost 10 years since we last met we kept in touch on Facebook, it was only last week we were talking about the return of this site.

RIP Guida, you'll be sadly missed.

It's a tad windy

It seems Adele has been having a spot of bother with gas.

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And finally

There's a new Soapboax rant about parents not getting dressed for school.

Bye for now!

Two updates in a week, you are lucky people!  Next week I'll have Ferrero Rocher.

Top 10 Terrorist Tribute Acts

  1. Jihadi Wadi
  2. Sunni and Shia
  3. Puff Jihadi
  4. ISISister Sledge
  5. Sharia Twain
  6. Saddam and the Ants
  7. Radiobehead
  8. Jilted Jihadi John
  9. Duran Iran
  10. Bomb the Place 

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Hallo everybody!

Back again with another little update!

SpecSavers Advert

As I was browsing the Specsavers site earlier I came across this!  I genuinely expected to scroll down to see Specsavers CLARKSON and Specsavers HAMMOND!

Bit disappointed, if I'm honest!

New Rant!

Used EBay much over the years?  Sold to some right old ringpieces?  Then have a gander at this!

So we're back with a new update!

I see the Government are actively discussing whether or not Donald Trump should be banned from entering England because he made a stupid remark about banning Muslims from entering America until they could "figure out just what the hell is going on."

Fair enough, that's obviously a pretty silly thing to say in public but really, you think he should be banned from entering the UK because of a stupid comment?

Yes, he's a bit of a dick and probably a social hand grenade but in truth the old fella is harmless.  What's really funny about this whole situation is that people want him banned from entering the country because of something he said yet there is nothing being done about the radical Muslims who are stirring up trouble at Mosques in this very same country.

So it seems it's broadly OK to call for the country to be destroyed from within by radicals who were not born in England yet you want to ban someone who wants his country to be protected from the same kind of people we're not willing to kick out.

Well done!  It really is a typical British trait of late to be offended on someone elses behalf.  Give over, you're a dick.


Another week, another celebrity or well known death.

Today it was announced that lead singer of The Eagles, Glenn Frey had died.

They really are coming thick and fast this year.

glenn frey funeral cremation

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And finally...

I wrote something about the latest craze of watching and reactions!

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