Watch me! Watch me! Watch me watching, er me!

There seems to be a craze at the moment of people on the internet watching other people taking part in activities rather than taking part in the activities themselves.
I don't mean people watching sports or events they'd never be able to do, but rather simple things that everyone can do.
For example, there seems to be a craze of people filming themselves opening Kinder eggs to see what toy is inside and putting it together.  How does that become a craze?
How does the idea start?  
"I've just bought a Kinder.  I'm not going to eat the chocolate, but I'm going to film myself opening the egg and taking the toy out"
"Hmmm, I wonder if there's anyone on YouTube who has filmed themselves opening a Kinder egg!  I sure would love to spend my time watching that!"
And then there are the people who record themselves playing video games.  People are watching another person playing a game... instead of playing the game themselves!  What the fuck is that about?
People have become famous by this.  How do you become a "celebrity" by being watched playing video games?
The world is getting more bizarre (and dumb) by the day.
With advances in technology I just don't understand why people would need to watch someone else play a game.  Everyone has access to games these days, you don't need to watch some bellsniff doing it.  I could understand if it was a walkthrough or hints on how to play but for those you don't need to see the person playing it, you just need to see the game screen itself.
watching a kid playing an arcade game
And then there's these "React" videos.
There's a whole host of videos on YouTube where people are filmed "reacting" to particular events such as being shown a 1990's PC or a picture of a car from the 1930's.
These people, often kids or teens are sometimes "shocked" by what they've seen, like they have no appreciation for history even if it's only 20 years ago in some cases.
The "shocking" reaction videos for me would be of Jimmy Savile or Stuart Hall showing their cocks to teenagers rather than a "Here, look at this Elonex PC from 1992! *Gasp*"
Facebook is just as bad, it's littered with "Look at this <animal / child / dickhead> and see what happens next!"  The first couple of times you're drawn into it, wondering what amazing thing is going to happen only for it to be the biggest let down since Cilla Black's pool party.
Anyway, I'm off now to film myself taking apart a Cadbury's Creme Egg and seeing what I can make of the filling.
Diabetes, probably.