9th August 2016

Doping is the new PPI.

So it seems Russia has been caught red handed and involved in doping of their athletes.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it seems it was state sponsored.  In other words, the Government paid for their athletes to cheat.

This means that not only are the track and field athletes banned from the current Rio Olympics but Russia as a whole were lucky not to be banned from the event.

It could also mean that Russia could be forced to give back any of the medals for the events in which they were found to be doping.

And that sets a precedent for other athletes and sportspeople to claim medals or prizes they would have been entitled to.

Imagine all the new adverts on TV and radio!

Did your pub darts team come 2nd in the local championship but were beaten by a bunch of cheating Alberts?  YOU could be able to claim compensation!

While I don’t condone drugs cheats in sports we can’t keep reviewing old events.

Why does it take years for drug tests to come back?  Why isn’t it instant?  Why did it take so long for forensic experts to find that the bottles had been tampered with?

If we really want to stamp out cheating in sport then we need to find a way forward that doesn’t involve taking blood and urine samples and sending them away for weeks on end to the same labs that belong to the cheating swines.


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