11th September 2016

Naughty old climate change

The Black Lives Matter campaign became a parody of itself this week when it blockaded London City Airport claiming that climate change was a racist crisis.

In other words, climate change is racist.

This is an organisation with such a serious chip on its shoulder that it doesn't know what it's doing or saying anymore.

Of course, there's not many people who don't agree that black lives matter, with the exception of the people of Alabama maybe.  We all know black lives matter, and quite frankly, as I've said before, ALL lives matter not one particular race, creed or colour.

It seems black lives don't seem to matter in the US when gangbangers are shooting each other, that appears to be overlooked.

But are they REALLY saying that climate change only affects black people?

The country gets stupider by the day, which leads me on to this...


Stupid get

A man called the Police when he was served the wrong type of tea in a London cafe.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The story goes that dickhead orders a lemongrass and ginger tea.  Cafe doesn't have that particular drink available that day but does have lemon and ginger, a suitable substitute to any normal person.

However, when he finds out he makes a scene and starts writing a TripAdvisor review using the free WiFi.

At which point he's quite rightly told to fuck off, continue fucking off and then when he's fucked off so far to then fuck off some more.

In my words.

At which point, he rings the Police to complain.

At least he didn't ring 999, the steaming bell end.

The article claims the man in question has found himself at the "centre of a fierce Twitter backlash", however, it appears the "backlash" is just a few people calling him a cockwomble.

Rightly so.

Who the fuck kicks off over a tea bag in a cafe?  Yes, the cafe should have told him it was a substitute and given him the chance to order something even more pretentious but that's hardly the end of the world is it?

What makes this story worse is that he proudly told the newspaper that he was a "Senior contributor to TripAdvisor", like that means anything at all.

Senior Contributor just means you've had loads of reviews published, you cretin.  Do you really think that holds any credibility in life?

I can just see it now, Theresa May decides to have a cabinet shuffle.  Gets rid of some prostitute shagging, money grabbing, lying shithouse (yes, take your pick really) and requires a new Home Secretary, for example.  Does she go with someone who is highly educated and might know a thing or two about the job?

No, does she hell!  She goes for Cunty Bollock Chops here because he's a Senior Contributor to TripAdvisor!

He's written more cunty reviews about not having enough pepper on his dinner or there being 2 grains of salt too many in his Lobster Roulade, the absolute weapon.

People really are fucking stupid.


How do you solve a problem like (North) Korea?

Following North Korea's latest nuclear test the UN is considering sanctions against the country.

This is the 2nd test this year, despite the country being banned from any nuclear activity.

Considering sanctions though?  What sanctions could the UN possibly apply that will make any difference to the mad bastard running the country?

(That's Kim Jong-Un, not Theresa May)

The UN can place sanctions against some countries and it will make a difference.  Trade and so forth.

Even a threat of war.

But North Korea is very much an untouchable country because there are so many sanctions in place already and coupled with the fact the country is as closed as BHS, there is nothing else that can be imposed for Mad Kim to suddenly say, "Oh shit! Me so sowee, won't do it again!  We want you to rike us!"

You simply cannot deal with people like that.

The country is as secret as Keith Vaz's love life (maybe a bit more secret these days), there is absolutely nothing that can be done.

North Korea is a bit like that kid at school who got away with everything.  He was always threatened with being expelled, but as the school was soft it never actually did it.  The kid got told off every day, was put on report, parents were brought in, everything.  Yet he still was there, every day, until the end.

And you can't threaten Kim with war, because he doesn't give a shit.  He'll just pless, sorry, press that button and boom, the whole world goes to shit.

You can talk all you like about sanctions but the only way to sort it out is to take out KJU and try to enter into a dialogue with this successor, if he isn't madder than a box of frogs.


And finally...

An rant about bin collections.