9th November 2016

Well the weekend update didn't quite happen, mainly due to the weekend not quite happening as planned.

Anyway, all sorted now.  They'll never find that dead prostitute now.


America has Trumped!

Well well well, didn't see that coming!  I firmly expected Illary / Killary / Hillary to win the US election.

As usual there's outrage from all over social media by people who seem to be experts in US politics.

Over on Facebook, Darren from Barnsley is an expert.  He's never been to the US and he can't remember what days he's supposed to put his fucking bins out for collection but he knows everything about US Politics.

Get a grip!

The truth is, neither of them are suitable to the President of the United States.  But hey, most of the recent ones haven't.

Reagan, a retarded, washed up, terrible actor.

George Bush, a whopper.

George W Bush, a double whopper with the IQ of a small child.

So what's with the faux-outrage now?  He's a successful business man, it's not going to be the end of the world just yet.


Tramps and Fillies

Tramps now accepting contactless payments

Who ya gonna call? Filibusters.


Dear Hassan

So I recently got my hands on the Asian equivalent of Dear Deirdre, an agony Aunt (I assume) called Dear Massi.

(This is all absolutely true, I assure you)

Now, it's absolutely nothing like Dear Deirdre.  There's no "I fancy my husbands brother" or "I've slept with my girlfriends mum".

Oh no, nothing of the sort.

It's full of things like:

"My fiance has embarrassed me in front of my family.  It was his third visit to the house and he asked to use the bathroom.  Soon after he said he had to leave and made his Mum get up.

Then my little brother came running down the stairs and shouted, 'Someone has blocked the toilet' in front of everyone..."

Absolute gold.  I don't know about this being his THIRD time at your house, certainly sounds like it was more like his TURD time.

And then there's classics about a woman whose husband doesn't like her wearing make-up.  However, she's more concerned her other half will cut up her credit card than anything else!

It shows just how the others live, eh!


Notice Me!

I just want to be liked.


And finally...

Monkey on Toast TV launches a new Gameshow