19th December 2015

And here we are again, with a new Monkey on Toast update!

United we stand

Manchester United have agreed plans to build a "Mini Old Trafford" next to the current ground to be used by the Under 21's and Academy.

The ground is expected to hold between 5,000 and 10,000 fans.

Rumours of Manchester City enquiring about using it as their home ground have yet to be confirmed.

Come Baby Come

A baby was born on the M1 as the parents were on their way to Watford General Hospital.

Born on a road?  The parents must be "rue"-ing the day and feeling quite "strass"-ed... ho ho!

Hope the kid is named Freeway, like the dog on Hart to Hart.

More rants

There's 2 new Soapbox rants available, one is about the TV show Doctor in the House and the other about Music and Image.