19th January 2016

So we're back with a new update!

I see the Government are actively discussing whether or not Donald Trump should be banned from entering England because he made a stupid remark about banning Muslims from entering America until they could "figure out just what the hell is going on."

Fair enough, that's obviously a pretty silly thing to say in public but really, you think he should be banned from entering the UK because of a stupid comment?

Yes, he's a bit of a dick and probably a social hand grenade but in truth the old fella is harmless.  What's really funny about this whole situation is that people want him banned from entering the country because of something he said yet there is nothing being done about the radical Muslims who are stirring up trouble at Mosques in this very same country.

So it seems it's broadly OK to call for the country to be destroyed from within by radicals who were not born in England yet you want to ban someone who wants his country to be protected from the same kind of people we're not willing to kick out.

Well done!  It really is a typical British trait of late to be offended on someone elses behalf.  Give over, you're a dick.


Another week, another celebrity or well known death.

Today it was announced that lead singer of The Eagles, Glenn Frey had died.

They really are coming thick and fast this year.

glenn frey funeral cremation

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And finally...

I wrote something about the latest craze of watching and reactions!