Hi luvvies! Maxine here with another COVID-19 vaccination review.

I've had quite a few injections of late, sweeties, but this one wasn't from my boyfriend Ian.

*saucy giggle*

No, you see my dears, this time I've had a shot of the Moderna vaccine. Yes, it's brand new and I was invited to have a preview jab you see darlings, I'm a very important
person you know.

As with the other vaccines, darlings, it leaves you with a sore arm for a couple of days but no other pain was experienced.

Taste wise, darlings, it had a spicy liquorice taste with a hint of cornflower.

The weird thing about this vaccine though, sweeties, is that I was singing "Like a Virgin" and "Material Girl" for hours afterwards.

Has to be the Moderna effect.

Well darlings, one had the Pfizer vaccine a few weeks ago now.

I must say that it had a strange taste, sort of like a mixture of raspberry and mango.  Not what I'd mix with some Gin anyway, it's simply one or the other; one or the other, darlings!

One didn't get any immediate side effects other than a sore arm but darlings I have to say that it left one feeling, well, rather frisky you see.

The next day one found oneself with this absolutely massive wide-on, had to go to the chemist for one of those "Morning After" pills, if you know what I mean?

Thankfully it seemed to work, but I'm rather worried about getting the 2nd dose if it has the same effect!  It might mean I'll be getting a 2nd dose from Gregory at the corner shop too!

Overall Rating: 4 / 10 - Good at stopping Corona virus but left me dripping like a knackered fridge.

Hi all, Maxine here with my first ever COVID-19 Vaccination review!

This time I'm reviewing the Astra Zeneca / Oxford one.

So, let's get started.

Well, I have to say, it has a beautiful bouquet to it. One might say it's a mixture of Hollyhocks and Pansies.

And the taste? Well, darling, it's got notions of caramel and it's incredibly nutty.

It didn't hurt being injected into my arm but I did experience some serious discomfort a day or two later. Side effects included a headache, chills and a general feeling of influenza.

These subsided after 2-3 days but it was a worry, darling, I thought for a second Harold Shipman had come back to life.

Anyway, it's too early to say what it might do to me but we have to consider what it's doing to other people. For example, this is a friend of mine who had the vaccination.

Look what it did to him in just over 4 days. It's almost like his DNA has been changed and everything.

Maxine 01 Results


Overall Rating: 7 / 10 - Would take again.

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